10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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Recently I caught myself on a thought that there are some facts about my past that I’ve never talked about on the blog. I was thinking that it might be a fun read for you guys so here you go, 10 random facts that you didn’t know about me.

ONE | When I was 15, I took break dance lessons and was obsessed with a hip-hop culture. I dreamed about winning a local breakdance championship, but ended up quitting dancing as I had a knee injury (it still clicks when I walk).

TWO | I grew up as an introverted child with a weird dream to read all the books from my parents’ library. Later on, I figured that some of the books in our collection were given to my parents as a yearly bonus for a hard work for the Soviet Union economy. Saying so, my parents had no interest in reading those works of communism thought in their spare time.

THREE | I published my first journalistic work at the age of 15. The article about a breakdance movement in Belarus was printed on the front page of the local newspaper. Funny enough, it was published on my dad’s birthday, so it was the best present for him. In fact, my parents still have that very first piece of my writing framed somewhere in their house.

FOUR | My family moved from Russia to Belarus when I was in the sixths grade and according to local rules I had to start taking Belarusian language classes three years after relocating to the country. My parents hired a tutor and I aced the Belarusian version of the SAT, but barely used that knowledge in my life outside college. Sometimes I talk with Belarusian accent just for fun.

FIVE | In 2009, I randomly decided to participate in a bodybuilding competition and sorta won it… My photo appeared on the front page of Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness magazine and I decided to never stop eating my carbs again. Please let me know in the comments if you’d like me to write a separate post about my bodybuilding experience.

SIX | At 25, I was promoted to a managing editor of the Russian-American newspaper. I was the youngest editor in newspaper’s history and worked SO hard to earn respect from older members of the team. Think: staying in the office until 1:00 am (without paid overtime) and always bringing work home. Even though it was a life-changing experience, I can’t say that I miss it.

SEVEN | Ben calls me a “fake Russian” because I hate cold weather, can’t tolerate vodka (in fact, any alcohol), and do not like Russian cuisine. I kind of agree as I can’t recall the last time I cooked anything Russian.

EIGHT | I don’t have a driver’s license. Well, I do have a Russian one that is not eligible here and an American learner’s permit. Every summer I promise myself to sign up for driving lessons and just never do.

NINE | I dramatically changed my hair color the day of my prom. I went all the way from a brunette bob to a bright orange pixie. My mom was crying, but I loved my new look and kept it like that for about a year (read my full prom story and see photos of my haircut).

TEN | My first exposure to fashion happened only after the collapse of the Soviet Union when my mother brought home the first issue of Russian Vogue. I was fascinated with the exotic beauty documented on the pages of the lavishly shiny issue. It was a peek into a new world that had been hidden for so many years behind the “iron curtain.” No matter where life took me, I always carried that September issue with me.

  • Gorgeous hairstyle!!!!!!! <3 Very like it 🙂


  • Smile51

    Enjoyed 10 things about you. You are much more than a beautiful woman. I now understand why you are special.

  • Sanchari Das

    Sometime we forget what we have done in the past .. great way to remind yourself that you have come so far

  • This is wonderful! I loved reading about your life and getting to know you a bit more. I was thinking about doing a post like this recently, I think I just might after reading yours! I love your orange hair! I never would’ve pictured you doing that, but I love it. I had purple peekaboo highlight for the longest time. I also love the power that Russian Vogue had, fashion is so empowering!