365 Masks Challenge

I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I finally committed to it. On May 25, 2017 I started a 365 Masks Challenge where I’m testing different kinds of masks for a year and report back to you on how my skin changes along the way. While the majority of the masks will be facial masks, I will also make sure to incorporate some hand, body, and hair masks—just to spice things up! I’m publishing a weekly progress report on the blog every Friday. On this page, you can find a day-by-day roundup of all masks I tried throughout my #365MasksChallenge.

Day 15: June Jacobs Intensive Age Defying Hydrating Masque

Review: Today my skin feels very dry and I was looking for a mask that will immediately deliver hydration to my skin. In such situations, I usually go for an overnight mask, but this anti-aging product by June Jacobs proved to me even more effective than many other products that I recenly tried. While the price tag on this mask might scare some people, in my opinion, it’s definitely worth checking out if you are looking to achieve a radiant skin look.

Pro: Super hydrating and nourishing.

Con: It’s a bit pricey.

Verdict: I adore this mask!

Buy: $48.90 at Amazon.


Day 14: Patchology Lip Renewal FlashPatch 5 Minute Hydrogels

Review: I use this mask before applying a liquid lipstick and it helps the product to apply evenly. The mask immediately hydrates lips and helps to eliminate dryness. It smells delicious and looks cute. While you can’t talk for 5 minutes of wearing the mask, it’s totally worth it as the mask dramatically changes the appearance of chapped, dry lips.

Pro: It really helps to hydrate and smooth lips.

Con: It’s pricey!

Verdict: So far it’s my favorite lip mask.

Buy: $15 at Nordstrom.

Day 13: OMG! 2 in 1 Kit Detox Bubbling Microfiber Mask

Review: At first sight, this mask was weird—I mean, who expects much from a trendy bubble mask. As it turned out though, it’s very effective. I loved how moisturized and plumped my skin looked after using it. It was also a fun experience as I always wanted to test one of these bubble masks myself. Finally, there is something special about using two masks at a time—perhaps that’s why the mask kit proved to be more effective than your typical sheet mask.

Pro: Super fun to use; the hydrating effect is truly impressive.

Con: It might seem intimidating to use a bubble mask, but it’s totally worth it!

Verdict: Loved it! Must-try for all mask lovers.

Buy: $6 at Double Dare.

Day 12: Wish Formula Blackhead & Blackmask Home Spa Kit

Review: The shape of this mask is somewhat weird (honestly, I don’t understand why there are whiskers on the sides of the mask). I also was surprised why a blackhead mask comes not in a form of a sticker, but rather as a typical sheet mask. While there are a lot of things that surprised me in this mask, my overall impression was very positive. For just $3, you receive an entire blackhead cleaning kit that includes a serum, blackhead removing stick, and two patch masks. While the mask only prepares your skin for blackhead removal rather than immediately cleaning them (so you should remove them yourself), it’s a pretty handy kit to have in your skincare collection.

Pro: The kit is very affordable; it does not only feature a mask, but also a blackhead removing device and pore-closing serum.

Con: The mask comes in a weird shape; the instructions are difficult to follow. 

Verdict: It’s a good one! 

Buy: $3 at Peach and Lily.

Day 11: SKYN ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels

Review: For starters, the moment you apply this mask you start looking like a Wonder Woman which is already a cool thing to happen! I couldn’t figure out whether it’s a gel or a fabric kind of mask, but since I couldn’t peel off the fabric I assume it was a fabric one. The mask did not feel moist and I didn’t feel that it provides as much hydration as your typical sheet mask. I loved the idea though that it was created specifically for the forehead area and I hope many other brands come out with masks dedicated to specific problem areas.

Pro: My skin felt softer after using the mask.

Con: Didn’t eliminate the wrinkles.

Verdict: It was just okay as I expected more immediate results.

Buy: $35 at Ulta.com.

Day 10: Clarisonic Deep Pore Detoxifying Clay Mask

Review: I’ve been using this mask before and it’s my go-to for a weekly deep pore cleanse. At first, I was a bit worried about this mask as it tingled, but then I figured that it’s just part of the experience. These days, I enjoy this feeling as it tells me that my pores are actually getting clean. The mask has a thick consistency so I recommend applying it on dry skin. Also, keep in mind that any clay mask will make dry patches on your skin even drier so if you are a combination skin type girl it might make sense to apply this mask only on the T-zone.

Pro: It really cleans pores. Since it’s a clay mask, it leaves clean feel and improves the appearance of skin with enlarged pores.

Con: It tingles a bit, but it’s tolerable.

Verdict: I used this mask for a few months and it’s one of my favs. I will be definitely repurchasing it.

Buy: $27 at Ulta.com.

Day 9: EVA NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

Review: Being a mask addict doesn’t mean that I’m only interested in testing face masks. I have a huge collection of hair masks too! I apply these a few times a week in an attempt to restore my color treated hair. I had high expectations for this affordable hair mask by EVA NYC as I already tried and loved their shampoo and conditioner. The mask did not disappoint as it immediately made my hair more silky and shiny. I loved the fact that the mask smells great and has a thick consistency (somehow I don’t like using hair masks that are thick and remind me of hair conditioner). Also, I was amazed by the amount of product you receive for just $15! I figured if I’m more likely to use a hair mask a few times per week if it doesn’t cost me a fortune and really works.

Pro: Immediately transformed my hair so it’s shiny, silky, and tangle-free.

Con: If you are using only vegan or cruelty-free products, this one is not the case.

Verdict: It’s a really good one, especially considering the price!

Buy: $14.99 at Ulta.

Day 8: Karuna Hydrating+ Hand Mask

Review: My hands are always dry regardless what season it is and how much moisturizer I put on it. Without a weekly hand treatment, things are just getting out of control with my hands. Oftentimes I use a do-it-yourself technique where I apply a heavy body moisturizer on my hands and put a plastic wrap on top. However, that DIY technique is very time consuming and it’s difficult to accomplish without the help of other people. Saying so, I was very satisfied with the convenience of using a hand mask. It looks like plastic gloves that allow you do move around and do things (not typing though) while deeply hydrating your skin. While it’s pricey to pay $8 per one hand mask, in my situation it’s totally worth it as hand masks change my hands for better and I don’t need to cover myself in hand lotions for at least a few days after using the mask.

Pro: The level of hydration this mask provides is truly impressive!

Con: You really need to sit down and relax while wearing this mask. Trying this mask taught me that typing with plastic gloves on is not something I have a talent in.

Verdict: If you can afford it, I would recommend you checking it out. Especially during the cold season, when people’s hands are usually especially dry.

Buy: $28 for a pack of four or $8 each at Sephora.com.

Day 7: Patchology FlashMasque 5 Minute Facial Sheets: Illuminate

Review: This is my absolute favorite mask for special occasions because it provides you with all the benefits of using a high-end brightening sheet mask—with the only difference that you need to apply it for just 5 minutes. I feel that I don’t have time for anything these days so this mask is a great time saver when I need to quickly get ready for the event. Another benefit of the mask is that it helps makeup to apply better. Usually, if I use the mask at night I don’t apply an SPF moisturizer on top and just use the liquid from the mask as a primer for makeup—such technique ensures that your skin looks more dewy and healthy.

Pro: Works fast and effectively. Smells great! My favorite mask so far!

Con: It’s a bit pricey so I would use it for special occasions only.

Verdict: This mask is a must-try. I love it!

Buy: $30 for a pack of four at Patchology.com or $8 each at Ulta.

Day 6: SpaLife Shimmering Under Eye Revitalizer—Gold & Collagen

Review: Under eye masks are something that I use on a regular basis, especially if I’m planning on wearing makeup. In my experience, a heavy-duty concealer looks less dry throughout the day if I apply a mask first. Also, the majority of gel masks does an excellent job for me in terms of removing puffiness. These eye patches were not an exception: I was satisfied with the results as my under eye area looked refreshed after using these masks. I did experience a slight tingling sensation while using this mask, but overall I felt that it was an okay product—especially considering the price.

Pro: Refreshes under eye area and brings moisture to the skin.

Con: The mask slides down and causes a tingling sensation.

Verdict: It’s a good one, but not the best I’ve even tried. While the promise of “24K gold” sounds doubtful considering the price of a product, it’s possible to achieve a “refreshed look” using this mask.

Buy: $17.99 at Target.com; I often see these masks at discounted stores—in fact, I purchased mine for just $3.99 at TJMaxx.

Day 5: Organic Doctor Rose Otto Face Mask

Review: My grandma uses to incorporate rose petals into creating her own skincare products so from the early age I do love the rosy scent at all. However, the fragrance outtake that I had from using this mask was a bit too much for me. For the first five minutes of wearing the mask I felt like I’m in a botanical garden; then the aroma started annoying me. I paced myself and kept a mask for 10 minutes, but I could still smell the roses after a complete removal of the product. A half an hour after I finished recording the video I had to take a nap (that never-ever happens to me) as I got a low-graded headache from this non-stop “smell the roses” experience. By the way, as you see in the footage, the mask also irritated my skin and made it look uneven.

Pro: The mask is vegan and organic which is amazing. We need more products like that!

Con: Not only the mask is ineffective and too fragranced, it actually irritated my skin. Also, the product is super hard to remove.

Verdict: My overall experience with this mask was not positive. While I appreciated the attempt to create an organic mask it actually did more harm than good to my skin. Also, I do not recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like rose scented products—the scent of this product is just too much.

Buy: $14.99 at Amazon.

Day 4: Lumene Hydration Recovery Aerating Gel Mask

Review: I rarely see gel masks out there, especially these promising “instant moisture boost for dehydrated skin,” so I was excited to give it a try. The moment this mask touched my skin I understood what the brand meant by “Arctic  Spring Water” on top of the ingredients list: it felt uncomfortably cold on my skin. It tingled a bit and continued doing so for the rest of the five minutes I left it on my face. The mask almost completely sucked into my skin and was somewhat difficult to remove. After I washed my face, it almost felt…numb! While my skin did look more plumped and moisturized, this weird cooling sensation was too unpleasant to handle.

Pro: As advertised, it does immediately delivers moisture to skin and makes it look hydrated. It also smells great!

Con: The cooling effect of this mask was not pleasant at all.

Verdict: I’m sure some people will enjoy the hydrating benefits of the mask, but it was a definite “pass” for me because of the numbing sensation I experienced after applying it.

Buy: $21.99 at Ulta.com.

Day 3: Bandito by Masque Bar Get Lucky—Night on the Town Sheet Mask

Review: This one was by far the most unique and fun mask to try! I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop laughing while wearing this mustache print mask! Overall, the mask performed like many other sheet masks, i.e. it hydrated my skin and made it look plumped. Was it the best sheet mask I’ve ever tried? Probably not. Was it the most unique? Definitely!

Pro: It’s so Instagrammable and fun to use! Hydrated my skin and made it softer.

Con: Be prepared for a non-stop LOL action! Hard to find online.

Verdict: While it’s your typical sheet mask in terms of the results it delivers, the execution is amazing. The mask is Style Sprinter approved because of its uniqueness and creative approach to masking!

Buy: in person at Target or RickysNYC.

Day 2: CVS Cucumber Cooling Peel Off Mask

Review: I remember how back in a day it used to be my favorite drugstore mask, but I guess I got spoiled as a beauty blogger and the mask did not impress me at all. It made my hands super sticky while applying it and I didn’t like that it took forever to get it dry. I didn’t see an immediate result after using this mask and I definitely didn’t feel any added hydration. It was enjoyable to dramatically peel the mask off on camera, butI don’t think this is an ideal mask for everyday use.

Pro: The mask is easy to peel off. It feels refreshing on skin.

Con: Didn’t clean my pores. My skin felt dry after the mask.

Verdict: I didn’t see any difference to my skin after using it. Moreover, it was difficult to remove the leftovers from my skin.

Buy: $1.99 at CVS.com.

Day 1: Vichy Mineral Pore Purifying Clay Mask


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Review: Knowing that skincare products by Vichy are incredible, I did have high hopes for this product. A few minutes after application I knew that I hit a jackpot: the appearance of my pores immediately improved and I did notice the difference in the overall appearance of my skin. In comparison to many other clay masks that I previously tried, this one didn’t make my skin feel dehydrated. I definitely loved how the mask performed!

Pro: Easy to apply. Smells great. Immediate improvement of how my skin feels and looks.

Con: Can’t think of any—I’m blindly in love with this mask!

Verdict: What a great mask to start the project with! I’ve been very satisfied with the immediate results this mask provided and I highly recommend it.

Buy: $20 at Ulta.com.