#BTS Sunday

Behind The Scenes

Katya Bychkova Stars at Victor dE Souza Campaign

This week has been super intense for me, but in a good way. I’ve been working on a few exciting collaborations and helping other people to better understand social media. I had a few photo shoots scheduled despite the cold weather. I worked on some boring paperwork, watched a lot of YouTube videos about veganism, and took out Lilusik for an hour long walk in Central Park every single day. Finally, I had a blast seeing all of my friends and readers at Victor dE Souza Beauty launch party (I modeled for their advertisement campaign). A hectic week, but well worth it, right?

Okay, here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

Victor dE Souza Beauty - Launch Party at Osswald NYC

ONE // Supersized Me

I had no idea that Victor dE Souza and Dustin Lujan would be printing huge posters of the models for their beauty campaign launch. Imagine how surprised I was seeing a floor to ceiling poster of me in the middle of the store! I looked at some of the photos from the presentation, and parts of my face are in every single photo from the event. By the way, gorgeous metal-framed lipsticks by Victor dE Souza are available for purchase on VdES website and at Osswald NYC.

Spring Cupcakes with Yellow Ducks

TWO // Social Media Workshop

Another wonderful thing that happened this weekend is that I hosted a workshop on social media marketing in collaboration with the New York based charitable organization, COJECO. Over the course of the two hour long workshop, I shared some of my tips and tricks to grow my social media and how to create a community of similar-minded people. After hosting the training session and answering attendees’ questions, I realized that the demand for this sort of information is tremendous. Thus, I’m planning on writing more social media tips on the blog and perhaps putting together an online course for all of you. Stay tuned!

Batman MacBook Sticker

THREE // Batman Chic

I took a photo of this girl’s laptop at a coffee shop and I can’t wait to upgrade mine with this cool decal sticker. I am not a big fan of Batman (from all superheros I probably like Superman the best, and only because it’s played by Henry Cavill), but this new take on the boring apple logo is so smart, I simply can’t resist, especially because this Batman sticker is available on Etsy for just $3.49 (it comes in different colors too!).

Lilu the Yorkie in Central Park

FOUR // Lilusik’s Life in America

The weather is much better in New York these days (though not today!) and I am now taking Lilusik out to the park as often as possible. My new strategy is to take her out first thing in the morning while listening to my favorite podcasts. That way, I am not only giving Lilusik a long walk that is so essential for her health, but also feel super motivated before my workday begins. Give it a try as it’s such a win-win strategy!

Coffee Love

FIVE // Coffee Addiction Gone Wild

After months of trying to make up our minds, we finally decided that a single-serve coffee machine is the best option for us. I drink coffee daily, adding just a bit of this coconut hazelnut creamer, while Ben drinks coffee at work. We figured that since we are splurging on soy lattes (not real milk—it’s bad for you!) only over the weekend, we don’t need to spend too much money on an expensive coffee maker. This new addition to our kitchen supplies collection seems to work just fine. Read: my productivity is definitely better after a cup of morning joe.

Q: How was your week? What is the most exciting thing happened to you lately?

red block heel sandals by BCBG

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  • you take great photos, girl! that batman sticker is super cute hahahahaha. and oh that looks like good coffee. my coffee addiction is increasing these days, gotta keep it in a healthy level and prevent it from getting the best of me!

    • Thank you so much, Wynne! I am so bad with that new coffee machine! It’s Monday and I feel that 2 cups of coffee is just not enough 😀 My excuse is that I am eating healthy (i.e. vegan & gluten-free) so I can afford more coffee. It’s not a good excuse, but I am working on cutting my coffee intake (not today though :)))

  • The modeling shots are stunning! So happy for you. 🙂 This looks like a very busy week,