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Boycology: The Modern Guide on Dating in Style

All's Fair In Love And Wardrobe Book Review

I have a truly wonderful occasion to update you about. I must tell you about a book that I’ve been going back and forth to within the last couple of months. Do not worry about my reading speed, dear readers; I could finish a book in a couple of evenings. However, the recent book by Stephanie Simons called All’s Fair In Love And Wardrobe is so good that I couldn’t move it away to the book shelf for a long period of time and kept re-reading various chapters.

All's Fair In Love And Wardrobe Book Review

Think about your favorite chic-flick movie that makes you laugh every time you watch it, add some awesome illustrations that you can see in the best glossy magazines around, and add some Urban Dictionary flair on top—I believe that Stephanie’s book is awesome. It is funny, beautifully illustrated, and it provides you with some great dating & style ideas that you could not find anywhere else.

All's Fair In Love And Wardrobe Book Review

Recall all these OOTDs, OMGs, and LBDs that you are using on a daily basis. Usually, we have no idea where these useful acronyms come from, but in the case with Stephanie’s neologisms it is not the case. The author uses such colorful vocabulary that you could easily consider All’s Fair In Love And Wardrobe as your guide to modern (and stylish) American language. As a non-native English speaker, I truly appreciate the opportunity not only to read the book, but also to obtain a better understanding of linguistic structures and to learn some new cool terms.

All's Fair In Love And Wardrobe Book Review

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In her book, Stephanie covers two very closely related topics, fashion and dating. However, in her writing Stephanie goes much deeper than just covering women’s trivial indecisiveness about which outfit to pick for the date. She claims that men could be understood and through fashion terminology. I truly enjoyed (and actually read over and over again) the chapter of the book entitled Boycology where Stephanie provides her smart and hilarious observations about the “sterner sex” and their habits.

All's Fair In Love And Wardrobe Book Review I would say, All’s Fair In Love And Wardrobe is written in the best traditions of Bridget Jones’s Diary and The Devil Wears Prada.  The format of the book—short sarcastic essays and supporting illustrations created by the talented Malia Carter—makes this book a perfect holidays gift that people will definitely keep on their coffee table for many years to come.

All's Fair In Love And Wardrobe Book Review

On the eve of winter holidays, I would like to share with you a copy of this amazing book by Stephanie Simons. Please enter the giveaway below, and receive a chance to win this beautiful print copy of All’s Fair In Love And Wardrobe.

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  • Sounds like a fun book! Now I’m curious. Merry Christmas!

  • Happy Holidays, beautiful! You have a great blog! Good job!



  • To not settle at a young age and shop around. 🙂

  • Happy New Year! What an interesting book. (-: The best relationship advice I’ve received..hmm…probably that you shouldn’t have to change who you are for your significant other. I guess that goes without saying, but sometimes you can get wrapped up in impressing them that you forget who you are. o; Just recently started reading your blog, and it’s very impressive! Good luck in 2015 & can’t wait to see what you have in store!

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M

    • Congratulations, Manpreet! I am happy to announce you as a winner of the giveaway! Please reach out to me at and provide me with your mailing address so I can ship the book to you. Happy holidays to you too!

  • Tarah

    Best relationship advice I’ve received is to treat him like I wish to be treated.

  • dianebaum

    The best advise was never go to bed mad-solve all problems as they happen

  • Glossome

    The rubber band theory: if you feel the other person pulling away, you do the same, and he/she will be pulled back to you. Sounds crazy but it really works!

  • Lisa Pecora

    To treat the other with respect, always.

  • Gabrielle Volbrecht

    Best advice I have received is to not fight to win.

  • Sonja Samples

    never go to bed angry.

  • Mel Borhi

    go with what your heart tells you to do,and no matter what remain classy and fabulous to others and yourself!

  • Paige Jagan

    Treat people how you want to be treated, has worked wonders in my relationships!

  • Smile51

    Very interesting and also like the yellow dress

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