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Ombre Crescent Moons Nail Art
Best of Beauty

July 4th Nail Art Ideas

ESxRD Copa Pink & White Platform Sandals // ESxRD Paradise Rainbow Sanda // ESxRD Copa Black & White Platform Sandal  Every summer I try experimenting with nail art as it’s an easy and fun way to elevate your look for the holidays. While…

Katya Bychkova StyleSprinter - Beauty Blogger NYC
Best of Beauty

My 3-Day Summer Hair Strategy

About a year ago I cut my hair short as I was tired to wash and detangle my long curls. I was thinking that such move will make it easier for me to wash my hair more often and…

StyleSprinter Skincare Routine
Best of Beauty

Why I Follow 4 Skin Care Routines Per Day

Last week, one of the most influential web portals, published an interview with me entitled “This Beauty Blogger Follows 4 Different Skin Care Routines Per Day.” Even though I’ve been following such regimen for many years now, somehow…

Tarte Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter Review
Best of Beauty

Testing Unicorn Makeup

A few weeks ago my partner in crime Nataliya and I unboxed and tested some unicorn makeup goodies at our weekly live cast at PocketLive. It was a fun experience, and I still regret that we didn’t take close-up…

Best of Beauty

How to Prepare Your Feet for Sandals

Sam Edelman Lancie Ankle-Wrap Leather Sandal ( exclusive) // Watermelon Doormat Sandal season is officially here, and it means that it’s time to get your feet looking beautiful, pampered and polished. While I often stop by at the nail salon…

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2017
Best of Beauty

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Picking a perfect Mother’s Day gift is always a dilemma (at least for me). Since you are an adult, you don’t want your gift to be too sentimental. At the same time, you want to find something that your…

Best of Beauty

How to Effectively Fight Acne

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by La Roche-Posay. While attending La Roche-Posay and Dermablend #BeClearBootcamp, I had a chance to chat with Dr. Tamara Lazic-Strugar, Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount…

How To Heal a Sunburn Fast 2
Best of Beauty

How To Heal a Sunburn Fast

I never thought it would happen to me but, hey, who knew you can get sunburned in a shadow wearing SPF 50? As you already know, we went to Tulum for wedding and the sun was quite harsh out…

Best of Beauty

My Beauty Sleep Essentials

Usually I don’t have a hard time trying to fall asleep but it hasn’t always been that way. Just a few years ago, there were nights where I would stay up until 2-3 a.m. unable to relax and fall…

best lip oils to try in 2017
Best of Beauty

The Best Lip Oils To Try Now

Oils are going through a major comeback this season. Not in skincare (as these will always remind staples), but… in makeup. Ever since Too Faced relaunched their Sweet Peach line, everyone seems to be obsessed about lip oils from…