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Laser Hair Removal Underwater Photos
SPA Treatments

My Thoughts on Laser Hair Removal

Let me start with a bit of TMI. When I was 12 and finally got permission from my parents to shave legs (yes, if you are a Russian kid you actually have to ask for a permission to do…

BB Dakota Brewer Faux Fur Vest
SPA Treatments

Holiday Hair with Aveda & FourteenJay

Remember my post on when I changed my hair color from blonde to brunette at the FourteenJay salon? This week, I had just another great occasion to attend this exquisite hair salon as Aveda invited me for a fun holiday event.…

SPA Treatments

80s Curls by Ted Gibson

Happy Friday, everyone! I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving—time really flies for me this year! A few people asked me on social for tips on how to style hair for holidays and I feel it’s a perfect opportunity to share with…

SPA Treatments

My New Hair with Marie Lou & D Salon

{check out my favorite heart and bow inspired pieces on ShopBop} A lot of you guys noticed that I recently got a new haircut and changed my hair color—and I couldn’t be happier! My hair makeover took place at…

Aveda Hair Makeover: Before and After
SPA Treatments

My New Hair by Aveda

Over the last few months, I’ve been experimenting a lot with my hair. I got a haircut, added some highlights, switched to ombre… I was so desperate to come out with the new look that I jumped on each…

SPA Treatments

How Dermaster Facial Changed My Skin

{Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Ajune Spa, but all opinions are my own.} Since my announcement that 2016 will be a year of medi-SPA for me, my skin has never looked better. A few months ago I underwent…

SPA Treatments

My First Botox

{Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Refined Aesthetics, but all opinions are my own.} I feel like every birthday puts some pressure on me, and I especially felt that pressure when I was about to turn 30. That was…

Blushington NYC Makeup Application Classes
SPA Treatments

Blushington Wizards

Last week I attended an opening reception for Blushington, a makeup and beauty lounge created for fashionistas with busy schedules and a passion for luxurious beauty experiences. The VIP reception was well attended by celebrities (including Gossip Girl’s Kelly…