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La Prairie The Art of Caviar NYC 2017
Fashion Week

Day in My Life: NYFW Edition

New York Fashion Week has officially kicked off and this season I decided to take you on a slightly different NYFW with me. A lot of you guys asked how my day looks like in between the show so…

Papyrus Zang Toi greeting cards collection
Fashion Week

When Paper Meets Couture

purple flower card // red & black feather card // turquoise flower card If you remember yesterday’s post about girly habits of mine, you’ll totally understand why I am so excited about recent collaboration between Papyrus and NYFW designers. In…

Fashion Week

Get The Look: Zen Pony by Aveda

One of the reasons I love spending time backstage at New York Fashion Week is that I am always finding some ideas for my hair and makeup. Oftentimes designers are requesting something very complicated and runway-only appropriate, but there…

Nicholas K FallWinter 2016 Review
Fashion Week

Nicholas K: Grunge Meets Hip Hop

Remember my post about slow journalism and why it’s important for fashion writers? I didn’t want to go too much into examples, but the show which inspired me to write that post was Nicholas K’s. I was amazed how…