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Interview with designer Victor de Souza by Katya Bychkova

Victor dE Souza and The Art of Custom Dressmaking

For people attending high profile events in New York and the Hamptons, dividing their time between the two, Victor dE Souza is a must-know style name. Use a VDS card at a charitable event or social gathering and green-eyed…

Cristina Ruales Designer MBFW

Cristina Ruales: “Architecture vs. Nature”

If you are a woman that wants (and gets!) to have it all, I have a perfect role model for you. Brooklyn-based Cristina Ruales is not only a talented women’s clothing designer and a new star of Mercedes-Benz Fashion…

Carmen Adriana Fashion Stylist

Carmen Adriana: “Rule Your World in Style!”

With New York Fashion Week wrapping up, I was thinking it is a great occasion to introduce you guys to the profession of a fashion stylist and talk about those people that stand behind glamorous celebrity looks and incredible…

Blogger Katya Bychkova and designer Crystal Kodada

Crystal Kodada: Sky Is The Limit

During New York Fashion Week, Ben and I attended a launch party that took place at the Downtown hotspot PH-D for a talented young handbag designer Crystal Kodada that took place at the Downtown hotspot PH-D. Born and raised…