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Helen Ficalora Giveaway

It already became a tradition to gift my mom and a sister jewelry charms for winter holidays. Last year, I gifted them charm bracelets that they wore all year long and this season I’m planning on picking a cute letter…

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Hey guys, I’m spending this weekend in the Hamptons with Ben and Lilusik and I have to admit that the fall trees look even better here than in New York. I took this Instagram shot earlier today and it’s only…

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Weekend Reads

As per multiple requests, the weekend reads series are back on the blog! It means that I’ll be sharing some of the most inspiring articles and photos I found on the web that week, together with a vegan recipe of the…

Midterms: Top 5 Tips for Acing Your Exams

Midterms: Top 5 Tips for Acing Your Exams

It’s a midterm season and I’ve been incredibly busy with getting my papers returned on time and preparing for the tests. While my time is a bit limited these days, I do not feel as stressed out as I…

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How to Stay Organized in College

It’s a midterm season now at NYU where, as you know, I’m currently studying media and communications. Many of you asked me on Insta Stories and Snapchat if I can share any tips on how I’m staying productive while…

how to collaborate with celebrity bloggers

How to Collaborate with Influential Bloggers

Collaborating with famous bloggers is definitely something I’d love to do in future as guest posting and getting yourself out there on other people’s platforms is crucial for traffic growth and brand recognition. However, I didn’t have a chance to guest post frequently enough. I…

the hamptons insider guide

The Ultimate Hamptons Hotspot List

If you are planning on heading East for the Fourth of July weekend, you are probably excited about all of the new restaurants and cafes opened in the Hamptons for the season. Me too! In fact, I’ve been sniffing…

pink-white-and-blue Fourth of July party decor idea 1
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Weekend Reads

If you are looking for a perfect summer soiree inspiration, definitely check out this gorgeous pink-white-and-blue Fourth of July party decor idea! I prefer tinted moisturizers and BB-creams in the summer as opposed to full-coverage foundations, and this ultimate list of BB…

fourth of july patriotic clutches
Friday Five

Friday Five: July 4th Handbags

The forthcoming holiday weekend provides lots of opportunities for costume changes. Whether you are attending a party in the City, heading for an outdoorsy barbecue party, or planning a nighttime picnic under the fireworks, the best style advice I…

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Weekend Reads

How cute is this DIY handkerchief project for upcoming Father’s Day? Even though Russians do not celebrate this holiday at the same day as Americans, I’m bookmarking it until February 23rd—Russian’s version of Father’s Day. Getting on vacation doesn’t…