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featured - Project ReDesign
DIY Projects

Project Re-Design: White A-Line Skirt

Even though I’m pretty good with DIY projects in general (is it genetic? my mom is a great seamstress and knitter so I guess I inherited it from her), I rarely find the time to work on handmade projects.…

DIY Valentine's Card Idea - Felt Balls
DIY Projects

Homemade Valentine’s Card Ideas

This year, I decided to prepare for Ben a very special Valentine’s Day present. I picked some art supplies and started experimenting with handmade cards. A few crafting evenings later, I have a collection of DIY cards and tons…

DIY Birthday Garland 14
DIY Projects

DIY Birthday Garland

For this year’s Birthday party, I decided to decorate our apartment by myself. Since I’ve been super busy for the last six years in America and do not really own any fancy DIY tools, I decided to use a…

DIY Gift Bags Idea
DIY Projects

DIY Gift Bag Design

This year I am having a bit more time for the things that I enjoy to do, including do-it-yourself projects that I’ve been putting away for years. Believe it or not, but I am a decent knitter and I…