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16 Things That Will Make Your Kitchen So Much More Fun

This past weekend I’ve been working on a few kitchen organization projects and figured that I need to spice up my collection of boring appliances and plain kitchen tools with some sweet yet functional pieces. I started my retail…

Sunset Beach in the Hamptons
Food Travel

Sunset Beach

Finding the perfect sunset require some logistics skills. You need to analyze the weather and clouds, find a perfect location, and make sure to show up in time in order to catch the entire color change. However, there is one…

Father's Day 2015 Dessert Recipes

Edible Gifts for Father’s Day

There is no such holiday in Russia as Father’s Day, but I recently heard that it will be officially established next year. In my opinion, Father’s Day is not a real holiday even here in the United States. It’s just another occasion to…

Easy Granola Recipe a la Russe

Homemade Russian Granola

Last weekend my friend Nina and I hit the kitchen in the Hamptons to cook a delicious and healthy breakfast. The Russian version of American granola takes just half an hour to cook, but provides you with nutrients for the…


Le Petit in Brooklyn

Since I moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan I rarely go back, but I still have a few favorite restaurants there. There is one restaurant that I love for its incredible lattes called Le Petit Café that is located in…

black bean pasta shrimp pad thai

Shrimp Black Bean Pasta Pad Thai

This recipe is the most requested dish in our house. Ben and I love Thai cuisine, and black bean pasta makes this delicious dish super healthy. Check out this easy recipe that is so perfect if you are cooking for…


Recipe Box: Russian Apple Pie aka Sharlotka

Continuing the conversation about my favorite Russian dishes (check out my post “Top 5 Nostalgic Russian Dishes”), I would like to share with you this easy and delicious Russian apple pie recipe. Sharlotka (that’s how people call an apple…


Top 5 Nostalgic Russian Dishes

We’ve recently returned from our trip to Moscow and Minsk — and what a vacation it was! We saw the Kremlin, partied on the 60th floor of Moscow’s tallest building, shot guns at the ranch, walked around old Minsk, and…


Top 5 Hamptons Dining Hotspots

The Hamptons is not all about beaches, pool parties, and charity events. It’s also about high-quality food. I love to cook at home, but I never miss the opportunity to go out for dinner in one of the many…

The list of 10 best foods to eat at your desk

Top 10 Coworker-Friendly Snacks

Snacking at your desk can be a double-edge sword: while you need to keep your appetite in control in between larger meals, people around might not appreciate your habit to constantly eat at your desk. Thus it is important…


A Moveable Feast

Last night we celebrated the birthday of a very good friend of ours, James Gillespie, at the East Village restaurant called Feast NYC. James is a professional chef that is well-known as the winner of the well loved TV show…

protein pancakes recipes

Recipe box: Protein Powder & Banana Pancakes

Recently, I got bored with my regular breakfasts and decided to impress Ben with something new interesting and delicious. Usually he likes to try new foods, but at the same time he is very picky about his breakfasts. So…

Nicoise Salad with Tuna and Eggs at Saju Bistro, Times Square New York

Lunching on Times Square: French Salads and Fav Spots

I work on Times Square and there are not that many good cafes and restaurants in the area. I mean, there are certain gourmet pearls such as Lamb’s Club and Kellari Taverna, but these spots are good for an…