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the hamptons insider guide

The Ultimate Hamptons Hotspot List

If you are planning on heading East for the Fourth of July weekend, you are probably excited about all of the new restaurants and cafes opened in the Hamptons for the season. Me too! In fact, I’ve been sniffing…

Norway Travel Tips

15 Summer Getaway Ideas

Ever since our latest trip to Belize, I’ve realized how important it is to take a proper break and completely disconnect from the world for a little while. Yes, long weekend trips to the Hamptons are great, but I…

City Guide: the Best Macarons in New York
Outfits Travel

City Guide: the Best Macarons in New York

Continuing with the topic of gluten-free desserts, I have to admit that nothing makes my heart beat faster than a few tiny sweet confections known as macarons. Made out of almond flour, egg whites, and sugar, these naturally gluten-free…

StyleSprinter Spring Travel Tips 2016

STYLE GUIDE: Spring Travel Destinations

As it turns out, 2016 is a year of traveling for me. I spent the entirety of January exploring two different countries with Ben, and just one month later I can’t get my wanderlust in control. I spend evenings…


Our Adventures In Belize

I hope you enjoyed my previous post on 15 noteworthy facts about Belize. In this post I continue my introduction of this amazing Central American country and share some of the adventures we had there. Prior to this trip,…


15 Things About Belize

My recent trip to Belize was my first experience with eco-tourism in Central America, and I was more than impressed with the trip. The climate there is perfect; the service is so good that it almost felt too sweet…

Travel In French Bracelet by Soufeel

Best Vacation Planning Tips with Soufeel Charms

As you know, Ben and I just came back from an amazing vacation in Spain. I can’t be happier as I finally saw with my own eyes all of the creation of my favorite artist/architect Antoni Gaudi and tasted…

What in My Beach Bag Collaboration with BooHoo

What’s In My Beach Bag: 11 Essentials

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven Even though I am not a fan of tanning (that’s probably one of the reasons why I am so pale),…

Sunset Beach in the Hamptons
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Sunset Beach

Finding the perfect sunset require some logistics skills. You need to analyze the weather and clouds, find a perfect location, and make sure to show up in time in order to catch the entire color change. However, there is one…

Fricaine Princess Demi Satchel Bag

10 Things You Need While Visiting New York

Let’s go back seven years ago the first time visited Times Square as a tourist. I was carrying a suitcase full of Russian books and summer dresses, and my British English acquired in Belarus proved to being insufficient in…