Dress Code Breaker

StyleSprinter-HM-Lace-Shirt-Zara-White-Cropped-Pants-2I struggle during so-called “blue jeans Fridays” that usually happen on certain Fridays before the national holidays. I do not understand why people find jeans to be comfortable clothing and thus rarely wear them. It is not that I do not own jeans; they are just not on my regular to-wear list. However, my co-workers do not understand my denim denial. I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard “Nice jeans!” comments when I was wearing a dress or a skirt on a “blue jeans Friday.” But no matter how often I become an object of corporate humor, I still stick to my fashion beliefs.

StyleSprinter-HM-Lace-Shirt-Zara-White-Cropped-Pants-1My mom said that I started to dictate to her what I should wear to kindergarten and then to school since I was four. That was also the time when I learned that it was better to be late to school than wear uncomfortable clothes or an outfit that you don’t like. (You can read about my constant outfit fights with the dean of my middle school in the post “True Blood Mix”). It was also a period in my life when I learned to set high expectations for myself and the people around me. At the age of six, I fired my music teacher because of her “incompetence” (it is a quote from six year old me!) without even consulting with my parents.

StyleSprinter-HM-Lace-Shirt-Ferragamo-SunglassesI am telling you all of these childhood stories not because I want to emphasize that I grew up as a fashion rebel but rather to emphasize the importance of having your own fashion rules and sticking to them. In my opinion, personal style rules are meant to be broken, and only you can decide what works or not for you. You don’t like to wear jeans at work? Well, then you don’t have to, even if others expect you to do so. You are not comfortable wearing heels? Then forget about pumps and put on a pair of stylish flats. In my opinion, fashion is a tool that allows you to explore your creative potential. Thus, fashion trends should be considered to be just a suggestion, not a restriction.

Q: What do you think about various dress code policies? Do you agree that fashion rules should not be mandatory?


H&M Lace Top (similar here and here) | Zara Cropped White Pants | BCBG Satin Pumps (similar here)
Bag (similar here) | Sunglasses: Ferragamo (similar here) | Etched Faux Stone Bracelet Set in Cream
Pearl Silver Drop Earrings (similar here) | Ring: Faux Pearl Bauble Ring | Photos by Vital Agibalow