Friday Five

Friday Five: Cute Backpacks

Backpacks Summer 2015

Analyzing the designer collections and street style icons, I have no doubt that The Bag of the season would be… a backpack. Whether it is an exotic leather creation or a Coachella-style rucksack, ‘back to school’ accessories are dominant this summer. Take a look at my Friday Five picks and please let me know which of those summery backpacks work the best for you.

#1: Harajuku Style Colorful Laser Preppy Style Backpack (just $21.98)

#2: Grafea Bubble Baby Rucksack

#3: Big Buddha Starry Backpack (on sale now)

#4: DKNY Clear Logo Backpack

#5: Tory Burch Kerrington Top Handle Backpack