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Friday Five: iPhone 6 Plus Cases

cute iphone 6 plus cases

I am so happy! I just upgraded my phone to a new iPhone 6 plus model and its way better than my previous iPhone 5S (especially the battery life and camera). Now I am searching for new phone cases. I already purchased this and this, and the five options below are next on the list. Do you like any of them? Please let me know and help me to make up my mind.

#1: Karat iPhone 6 Plus Case

#2: Ankit iPhone 6 Plus Case

#3: Kate Spade Butterfly 6 Plus Case

#4: Zero Gravity Mouveau 6 Plus Case

#5: Ted Baker Salso 6 Plus Case

  • GoFashiondeals

    I almost bought that first case for my galaxy s6. Lol. But I went with a hybrid instead. Trident makes great cases too. 🙂 kind of like otter box but cheaper and not as bulky.

    • Thanks for the tip! I checked out Trident website, but they have only 8 options for iPhone 6+ (I love most of the cases for a regular iPhone 6 though)… How do you like your Galaxy phone? I’ve been an iPhone user for the last…I don’t know…10 years or so… I feel that I forgot how to use other types of phones LOL

      • GoFashiondeals

        I love the galaxy s6! It is an amazing phone, but what is really great is the camera. I have used iphones, but once I switched I fell in love with Samsung. It is just a really sleek phone. I run into the same issue with my S6 not many cases out yet.

        • No wonder so many people are obsessing about the galaxy phone. It seems like a real deal!

          Believe it or not but every time I am shopping for a case, all local stores have only galaxy cases and not iPhone 6+! I hope those companies will figure out shortly that their users are in need for more cute cases and come out with some new models.

          By the way, how’s your weekend is going? I am about to head to the Fourth of July dinner (no barbecue this year though). Have a wonderful day!

          • GoFashiondeals

            It really is. I hope the do, there were cuter cases available for older phones and newer versions are needing them. Best buy has some cute Kate spade cases.
            BBQ was our menu lol and lots of fireworks! 🙂 have a great weekend!!!

  • reneejessome

    I don’t own a cellphone but I always love looking at the cases! So many pretty options!

    Renee | Lose The Road

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