Friday Five

Friday Five: Luggage Tags

Best Luggage Tags 2016

I’ve been traveling so often recently that I decided it’s time to finally update our travel tags. A few years ago my friend Lora gifted me some gorgeous luggage tags in a shape of dogs (a chihuahua and a pug!), but one of them got lost so our luggage no longer matches. I was thinking it would be great to upgrade our travel collection with some eye catching accessories. I wonder if you are using luggage tags too? If so, where did you purchase them?

#1: I Am A Wise Traveler Wooden Luggage Tag

#2: Ban.Do The Getaway Luggage Tag – I’m Outta Here

#3: Kate Spade Cedar Street Confetti Dot Luggage Tag

#4: Skinnydip ‘Milk’ Luggage Tag

#5: Keep Calm and Travel Often Luggage Tag