Friday Five

Friday Five: Poncho Weather

Cashmere Poncho 2015

It might be not the most comfortable season of the year (grrrr all those layers!), but we can totally make it though if properly equipped with some knitwear. Let’s try to be positive here and think about the sweater weather as a time when you can enjoy reconnecting with your old favorite pieces (you can’t really guess how old the knitted piece is) and avoid any possible faux pas (I mean, there’s not really a wrong way to wear a sweater). By saying so, let’s dig into my selection of cozy yet pretty cape sweaters.

#1: Minnie Rose Hankie Fringe Cashmere Poncho

#2: Alice + Olivia Kamala Wool and Alpaca-Blend Poncho

#3: Bailey 44 ‘Nocho’ Plaid Knit Open Front Poncho

#4: C by Bloomingdale’s Shaker Stitch Blanket Poncho (on sale until 11/1)

#5: BP. Reversible Geometric Pattern Poncho (just $38)

  • I love ponchos and capes. I have been wearing them forever, even when they weren’t on trend. I remember having my first one as a kid and being hooked. I even got teased when I was a teen a few times by friends for wearing them (though I didn’t care) and now they’re totally in. haha