Friday Five

Friday Five: Pool Floats

Inflatable Food Pool Floats

For many years, Ben and his family had the same big pool float at their Hamptons house that was virtually indestructible. Since the thing was big and not attractive looking at all, it received an obvious name: Big Ugly. Unfortunately, last year Big Ugly burst and we are looking for the replacement. I am thinking about an ‘eatable’ pool float. Please help us to make up our minds and let us know about your favorite ones from the proposed list.

#1: Ice Cream Cones ($7.99)

#2: Cupcakes ($28)

#3: Watermelon ($36.99)

#4: Donut ($15.49) 

#5: Pizza Slice ($39.99)

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  • Charlotte Price

    These all look so fun!! Really want to invest in one for my holiday in July, thank you for sharing. They are all making me soooo hungry too, hehe x

    Love Charlotte x

    • Indeed those will made a great Independence Day attraction in your own backyard! Thanks for reading and commenting, Charlotte!

  • GoFashiondeals

    I love the doughnut! But I want the watermelon so I could float around the pool with my little one. They look so fun!

    • I bet kids love those colorful floats. Ben’s nephews and niece loved the old pool float and now it’s time for the upgrade. The donut is my fav one too!

  • Megan

    I’m about to buy these all for my pool! So cute and would make perfect blogging pictures 🙂


  • Amanda Amaya

    I love the watermelon! It’s so cute and it would photograph so well. haha (blogger reasoning) Also it looks big enough for a couple people to float on. Now I want one for my pool!

    • Yes! I also believe that those will look amazing in photos (that was one of my arguments in a conversation with Ben too!) 🙂

  • Flora Bugan

    Okay I love these! I’ve never had anything like this before but I always loved them and now I know I need them in my life!
    xx, Flora

  • The pizza and donut pool floats are definitely my favorites, super cute!!

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