How I Became an Ice-Cream Girl

Blogger Katya Bychkova - Kate Spade Multi Cape Stripe Shirtdress

Kate Spade Multi Cape Shirt Dress / Kate Spade Flavor Of The Month Ice Cream Truck Clutch
Sophia Webster Lucita Espadrille Wedge Sandal / Kate Spade ‘What’s The Scoop?’ iPhone Case

A few months ago, I found out that I’m gluten intolerant and I had to dramatically change my diet. Over the course of exploring my new eating program, I figured out that it’s much more expensive to eat gluten-free, as well as much less convenient. As it turns out, many restaurants use flour in their sauces and even salads, not to mention, it’s close to impossible to find a gluten-free sandwich. The adjustment to a new eating routine took me a little while, but the main challenge I faced was with… desserts.

I’ve had a sweet tooth my entire life, and sometimes I start planning my third course order even before I see the appetizers. Trust me, I might be a picky eater when it comes to veggies and protein, but I always have room for dessert. Hot lava cake, tiramisu, Pavlova, cannoli, Nutella-infused crepes–is just a short list of sweets that I enjoy… Well, it’s fairer to say, “enjoyed,” as all those sweet goodies are no longer an option for my gluten-free self…

Within a few months I turned from being a dessert foodie (it’s a new term that I just invented to demonstrate that I can eat anything, but the only thing I really care about is dessert) into… an ice-cream girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always enjoyed ice-cream (especially Italian!), but it’s just never been on the top of my dessert pyramid. I’d rather go for Ben’s favorite crème brulee (it’s not really my thing) or a boring carrot cake than have a scoop of sorbet or ice cream.

However, things have changed, and now I have no other option than to experiment with cold desserts. This weekend, we stopped by one of the Hamptons’ cult ice-cream places, Carvel ice cream shop on the road from Bridgehampton and Water Mill. Since I’m no longer eligible for a waffle cone, we picked a flavor that suits both of us (dulce de leche) so I can work on the top (no gluten!) and Ben can finish the rest of this caramel deliciousness. I have to say, it was a super-delicious trip, so slowly and steadily, I’m becoming an ice-cream girl!
Carvel IceCream BridgehamptonRussian Blogger Katya Bychkova StyleSprinterflavor of the month ice cream truck clutch - Kate SpadeCarvel of Bridgehampton NYSophia Webster Lucita Espadrille Wedge SandalStyleSprinter - Ice Cream Seasonkate spade new york 'what's the scoop' iPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus caseKatya Bychkova - Kate Spade Stripe Dresskate spade new york accessories Flavor of the Month Clutchkate spade Multi Cape Stripe Shirtdress

Kate Spade Multi Cape Shirt Dress / Kate Spade Flavor Of The Month Ice Cream Truck Clutch
Sophia Webster Lucita Espadrille Wedge Sandal / Kate Spade ‘What’s The Scoop?’ iPhone Case

  • These are such gorgeous photos, so colourful and feminine 🙂 Sorry to hear you’re gluten-free – though have fun with the exciting journey of discovering new ‘fave foods’! I love both your striped dress and sandals by the way, so pretty.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Thank you for your support, Gabrielle! I think I’ll continue sharing more of my gluten-free favs here on the blog as many of my readers might deal with a similar struggle. I think that even we are gluten-free, we still can have fun eating delicious food – we just need to be more careful. I am definitely enjoying my exploration of gluten-free options. For instance, a few weeks ago I found a gluten-free bakery a few blocks away from my house. I gonna tell you, some of their desserts taste even better than regular ones! I am so excited to check it out again soon!

  • I can totally relate. I have a sweet tooth too, that is also the reason why I ditch my ambition of having those perfect flat tummy and just eat. Well, we only live once eh?

    And speaking of having a sweet tooth, those ice cream of yours looks yummy! Wish we had that ice cream parlor in my place.

    btw, loving your look, so feminine 🙂


    • I totally agree with you, Karen! We were born to enjoy life and not restrict ourselves from the best of it (read: dessert). So while I am trying to eat healthy, I never get crazy about limiting myself in desserts or any other gluten-free ‘cheat day’ food.

      Thank you for your sweet comment and your compliments! Have a lovely day! xoxox

  • It’s really rough having major allergies, isn’t it? I have my fair share and it’s so hard finding foods to enjoy in substitute of the ones you originally loved! But hey, ice cream is a great way to go!

    Such a cute look, too! I’m obsessing over that adorable bag. Kate Spade is just always perfection.

    Stephanie | drunkonvogue.com

    • Yes, having allergies is not fun at all! However, I think that my allergy to gluten actually forces me to eat healthier! I am no longer allowed to eat bread, soy sauce, most of the fried food… It doesn’t sound fun when everyone around enjoys something delicious and not gluten-free, but I am working on myself :)) After all, there is always gluten-free desert to soothe my pain :))

      Thank you for your support, Stephanie!

  • Amanda Fagan

    Food allergies are no fun at all. My mom is allergic to gluten, too, but she said since she’s stopped eating it she hasn’t been getting migraines as often!

    That outfit is amazing, I especially love the necklace!

    Amanda | bullet-ing.blogspot.com

    • Since exploring my gluten intolerance I also started to feel much better! No migraines, no stomachache, no fatigue… I’m trying to go vegan too though so I can’t really tell what actually works :))

      Does your mom cook gluten-free for the whole family? I’m feeding my boy-friend the same thing I eat so he is gluten-free now too!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, Amanda! I really appreciate it!


  • Anjerika

    Although I’m not gluten-free, ice cream has always been my favorite treat! (Hence, probably why I LOVE this post so much!) I can’t get enough of your gorgeous striped KS dress, your swoon-inducing ice cream truck clutch and all those sprinkles!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Anjerika!!! I’ve been loving more and more Kate Spade pieces recently – I guess I am turning into a preppy blogger :))

      What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

  • I am an ice-cream person any day anytime 🙂

    Featured your post on CITYTIMES – http://citytimes.evonso.com/i-became-ice-cream-girl/

    • Yay! I am turning into an ice cream lover too! My another fav dessert is peanut butter and chocolate combo (no bread!). Mmmmmm

  • I absolutely love this, you put all my faves in one post!!! I’m such a foodie and when its paired with a foodie type of outfit it’s a win win for me haha! Your outfit is way too adorable everything just works so perfectly! Good luck on your gluten-free journey!!!

    Jasmine 🙂

    • Yes, the color palette of this outfit is totally your style, Jasmine! Thank you so much for your lovely compliments! Have a lovely evening! xoxo

  • Slava

    Tjis post deserves true fascination, I`, in love with this ce-cream look and it fits you so good!Great job!)




  • You are the cutest! I am obsessed with your colorful outfit & your cute purse!


  • How fun is that dress! This is the cutest and most adorable outfit I’ve seen!
    Carvels is the BEST ice-cream! Happy weekend!

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  • Alexia Rebing

    It sounds really tough to be gluten-free. There should be more restaurants that carry these options without the risk of cross contamination. It’s a good thing you found a love for ice cream. That one looks delicious too!


    • Yes, it’s not easy for sure… You know, the other day I ate a ‘gluten-free’ salad at the organic cafe and I didn’t see that the package stated ‘produced on the facilities that might contain gluten”… So as you might have guessed I had allergies right away!

      There are some regulations for gluten-free foods (for instance, a green stamp saying GF), but it’s not enough! I have to be very careful while eating out and sometime all I can find at the restaurant to eat is mashed potatoes and a kale salad…

      So yeah, life is getting a bit more complicated from a perspective of making right choices in food, but on a positive side I do feel much better after I discovered my gluten intolerance.

      Thank you so much for your support, Alexia! I really appreciate it!

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  • Danielle

    Awww I feel your pain! I sadly can’t have dairy due to acid reflux so there is a lot of things I cannot have. I’m happy that Ben and Jerrys came out with their vegan ice cream because it’s dairy free and I can eat it! The other dairy free ice creams aren’t as great so I’ve been avoiding ice cream until then. I love your dress and bag so much, they are just too cute!! The colors are great too.

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