Ice Cream Season!

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What is your favorite dessert? I always say macaroons simply because I feel that I can keep it in control and eat just one at a time. When it comes to ice cream, I am unstoppable.

Blogger Katya BychkovaYes, I matched my Ami Clubwear maxi dress color with my ice cream!

I remember how Ben and I went to Italy for the first time a couple of years ago, and it was the ice cream heaven. We even created our own saying, ‘Pizza-pasta-gelato’ that properly expressed our vacation diet. Over the trip to Moscow, we enjoyed the classic crème brûlée ice cream in a waffle cone at the GUM Department Store. In fact, this is perhaps the only place in the city that still follows the original USSR recipe still remembered by many generations of Russians.

Baroni Pearl Bracelet Set 3How cute is this pearl bracelet set by Baroni? I love it even more than my ice cream!
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My trip to Minsk brought great memories of the classic vanilla ice cream in a cake cone (my parents still remember its price, 19 kopeks, which meant a fortune for the Russian kids at that time). I tried really hard to find the famous in the 1990s ice cream Lakomka, a tube-shape delicatessen made with a heavy cream, but it seems like the production of this ice cream has been stopped.

White Faux Pearl Dangle Hair BandA little detail to complete the look, Faux Pearl Hair Band by Ami Clubwear.

While at the Bahamas, we tried a unique combination of white chocolate, raspberry mousse, avocado shortbread, and vanilla ice cream. In Boca Raton, we were regulars at the Serendipity 3 where we indulged with Frrrozen Hot Chocolate and all kinds of delicious ice creams. Perhaps, my most favorite flavor was a salty caramel, but I also couldn’t say ‘no’ to vanilla and pistachio.

Well, it seems like I told you my recent travel story through ice cream! What is yours?

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Photos by Vital Agibalow

  • GoFashiondeals

    such a pretty dress! Love the pictures! SO pretty! And I am the same way with ice cream.

  • Amanda Amaya

    You look wonderful. I understand your love for ice cream. It just never gets old. I love Serendipity too! I had there green tea ice cream frozen hot chocolate. 🙂 I adore the shade of your dress by the way. I always say that is a color I would get married in.


    • Thank you so much, Amanda! I am glad you understand and support my love for the ice cream! Indeed, it is a perfect wedding dress color! Xoxox

  • Ellen Smith

    Hahahah is that ice cream a brunch? I used to love them.
    On an everyday basis, if I crave ice cream I would buy an ice pop like a loop the loop in the shop.

    I totally agree with you about Italy and their ice creams.
    I had such a wonderful time there last year, picking out the different flavours they had to offer.

    Also you look great in those photos.

    I can’t wait for it to get sunny so I can indulge in some more ice cream.

    • In my opinion, Italy has the best desserts in the world! Gelato, tiramisu, cannoli… oh man!

      I am not a fan of ice pops though, I need more sugar and milk in my ice cream than that! 😀

  • there was a time I thought I might love more frozen yogurt over ice cream but I am hands down way more of an ice cream lover, gelato being my favortie type! italian ice cream is just so much more creamier and indulging then any other I’ve tried! very cute post and outfit!! 😉

    x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤


  • Sweet and lovely as always. No need to mention how great you look here, but I need to say you woke up my ice-cream cravings now!


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