My Pretty Little Things

Designer Intimates Rumour Lace Padded Bra - Pink Flirt

Designer Intimates Rumour Lace Padded Bra (c/o) / Prada Candy Perfume / Bertha Watch – Iris

My girlfriends and I always share our tips and tricks about makeup and skincare, but for some reason, we never talk about bras or any lingerie-related topics. However, everybody needs (and loves!) those pretty little things and I don’t see any reason not to talk about it on my blog. Especially because I collaborated with Designer Intimates and updated my everyday underwear collection. By the way, if you are still looking for a last-minute holiday present, I recommend picking a gift card so your beloved ones could update their favorite bras, PJs, or lingerie for a new year. For StyleSprinter readers only, Designer Intimates provides a 15% discount with the code STYLESPRINTER15. Happy shopping!

Helena G-string - True Red

Designer Intimates Helena G-string True Red (c/o) / Cacharel Amor Amor Perfume

When it comes to picking and taking care of my pretty little things, I have a few rules that I follow:

1. Usually, I apply my perfume right after I put my underwear on so my entire body absorbs the scent that I picked for the day. I splash fragrance in the air and swirl in it for a little bit. Even though hair stylists do not recommend applying perfume on hair, I do apply a drop of it on my hairbrush and then brush my hair through. On a daily basis, I wear one of my three favorite perfumes. I have a hairbrush dedicated to each of those so my fragrances do not mix together.

2. Matching underwear is a must for me that is why I rarely purchase bras and undies separately (otherwise, they will not precisely match). When I am shopping for underwear, I am usually trying to pick a few different types of panties that come with a bra: definitely thongs and hipster, maybe a bikini. In that way, I can wear a bra no matter what type of panties I pick that day.

Designer Intimates Intrigue Add A Cup Size Bra in Sugar Baby

Designer Intimates Intrigue Add A Cup Size Bra in Sugar Baby (c/o) / L’eauPar Kenzo Perfume

3. I wear a bra just once (even if it’s just for a couple of hours) and then wash it on a delicate cycle. I use mesh laundry bags and the tiniest amount of  detergent so my lingerie collection is not getting ruined. If time allows, I avoid putting my bras into a dryer and allow my underwear to air dry.

4. If I am wearing a simple clothing, I try to pick the sexiest lingerie I have in my collection. I don’t know why exactly it works, but in that way I always feel dressed up even when I am wearing the most casual outfit ever. Bright colored underwear works the same way and I often end up wearing my brightest colored bra and panties underneath my black or dark colored clothes.

Rumour Lace Overlay Thong - Pink Flirt

Designer Intimates Rumour Lace Overlay Thong (c/o) / Prada Candy Perfume / Bertha Watch

5. It might sound like a very uncommon tip, but I pick my jewelry before I picked my clothes. I have an idea of which jewelry piece I feel wearing that day and then (when my outfit is complete), I add or remove a few pieces.

I hope you enjoyed my little pretty tips and tricks. I would love to hear what is your favorite brand to purchase underwear.

Designer Intimates Intrigue Add A Cup Size Bra

Designer Intimates Intrigue Add A Cup Size Bra (c/o)

-Intrigue Thong - Sugar Baby

Designer Intimates Intrigue Thong – Sugar Baby (c/o) / Pearl NecklaceL’eauPar Kenzo Perfume