Nail Polish Guide: Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Summer Nail Polish Chart

I have a couple of boards on Pinterest dedicated to nail art, but when it comes to real life mani-pedi I am very specific. I don’t like shimmer and unnatural nails, but I don’t mind nail art. Moreover, I often stick to a couple of favorite nail polish brands (Essie and Sally Hansen are on top of the list) and never cheat on my $1.99 top coat by NYC (I wrote about it here). Today I would like to review my favorite nail polishes by Sally Hansen that I purchased more than twice. Please let me know if you tried any of them. I look forward to reading your comments!

#1: Mellow Yellow #360 is a great shade for those loving bright colors. I’ve been wearing this nail polish non-stop last season as I upgraded my wardrobe with a couple of matching outfits, and I am planning to continue wearing my mellow nail polish this season.

#2: Sonic Bloom #11icon is my absolute favorite color by Sally Hansen that I re-purchased a couple of times. It has a perfect brush, it stays perfectly long on your nails, and it is perfectly red (should I say ‘perfect’ one more time to make a point?).

#3: Blue Away #451 works the best if combined with Pixel Perfect #295 polish. When I wear those two colors together, Ben says that my manicure reminds quail eggs, but I still love it! Keep in mind though that those two nail polishes combined together take very-very long to dry.

#4: Grey Area #330 is a perfect day-to-day polish that will benefit both office and night time outfits. I can’t explain why but this specific shade from Hard as Nails series takes the longest amount of time to dry so be prepared to spend a bit more time while using it. However, it stays on your nails as long as other polishes from this set.

That was a tour to my collection of favorite Sally Hansen shades. I wonder if you tried any of them? Which one is your favorite?

  • GoFashiondeals

    I love the Xtra wear. It does stay on for a while too!