Our Thanksgiving Rituals


Usually, we celebrate Thanksgiving at one of Ben’s brothers house. The family gathering usually involves the entire family. We get together and enjoy all the delicious dishes cooked by Ben’s sister in law. This year the tradition continues and we are about to hit the road to our Thanksgiving dinner. But before we go, I decided to share with you some of our Thanksgiving rituals. Here is how we are planning to work it this holiday.

Rule #1: Prep Two Sets of Clothing

It’s great if you decide in advance what you are wearing for Thanksgiving dinner, but you also need to figure out what to wear during the day. I think it’s important to enjoy every moment you spend together as a couple and it requires some extra effort even if all you do is cooking and cleaning.

Rule #2: Put Decor On A Different Level

Lately, I’ve been working on a few DIY projects that involve gold and glitter decor. For instance, I covered all my mini pumpkins, pinecones, and acorns with a golden spray paint. I ordered this can of spray paint at Amazon a few weeks before and it was enough for creating an entire centerpiece. I also updated our table decor collection with a tablecloth, runner, and napkins by Kate Spade New York. Finally, I bought some new candles and picked up some fresh flowers for the table.

Rule #3: Don’t Forget to Call Mom

Even though my family in Russia does not celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s important for to get in touch with them on this day. My parents do not speak English and Ben knows just a few words in Russian, but we always enjoy our Skype conversations. Usually, I am translating the entire conversation with exception of a few phrases that my parents know in English and a few words that Ben knows in Russian, but it’s always a fun experience for all of us.

Rule #4: Take Holiday Photos

Another American tradition that I was not familiar with when I came to the U.S. is winter holiday postcards. Russian people never send those, especially with photos of the entire family on a card (in ugly sweaters). Russians usually, just get together on New Years Eve and call or text each other on December 31st. I knew about the photo tradition from American movies and loved it. This year, it will be the first time when we are planning to take photos for our holiday card and I am so excited about it!

I look forward to hearing about your Thanksgiving traditions and rituals! Who are you celebrating with?

Cover photo by Minimalist Baker