Summer Look Back

Ben and Katya's Perfect Summer 2014As promised, in this post I would like to tell you guys about 10 remarkable things that happened to me this summer.

  1. Ben and I celebrated our two year anniversary!!!
  2. We travelled to Russia and Belarus to visit my family and friends. The post about the most delicious Eastern European dishes is coming very soon. Stay tuned!
  3. In June, we organized a great Birthday party for Ben. I cooked and cleaned until 3:00 am the night before, and the party went extremely well. We hosted about a hundred people in our apartment, and still receive positive feedback from our invitees. You probably wonder what exactly I cooked for so many people, and I will satisfy your curiosity in one of my future cooking posts.
  4. Ben and I went to the Yankees vs. Mets game, and I caught the ball! Basically, a foul ball came towards Ben (and 8 other spectators), they scrambled for it, and then I elegantly picked the ball up from the floor. The funny thing is that I was texting while doing that! The fans in the back seats screamed at me, “What?! A girl?!” And I turned back to them saying, “Yes, a g-i-r-l, baby!” It was hilarious!
  5. I started taking boxing lessons. It is actually a Boxing Boot Camp class where we are boxing for a half an hour and then training as real CrossFit athletes. Every Wednesday after work I am going to my local gym and train in my pink boxing gloves so hard that I can’t even do cardio the next day!
  6. We finally visited the restaurant Balaboosta that I’ve heard so much about. Our brunch was, as expected, spectacular: we tried the most delicious cabbage salad that I’ve ever eaten, funny colored eggs (they were completely green), and amazing hazelnut dessert. Awesome experience!
  7. I went to a corporate party in Merrick, New York and learned how to play baseball. Surprisingly, I was able to hit the ball a couple of times, but I was running to first base with the bat in my hands. At our firm’s outing, I also tried a climbing wall and enjoyed it very much!
  8. I modeled for a charitable organization in the Hamptons, wearing outfits by Cluny NYC and expensive pearls. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it a great deal – you can read more about my modeling experience here.
  9. Our friend, celebrity chef James Galespie, invited us to a wonderful restaurant, Feast NYC. We had an awesome time with our friends and tasted some of the most delicious dishes in New York. If I was asked to rate this place, I would give it 10 out of 10. Read up my full report from our feast at this East Village hotspot here.
  10. I launched my blog,, and met all of you guys! Thank you so much for reading, retweeting, liking my Instagram updates, and just for being such amazing online and real life friends!


Dress: BCBG Max Azria Piper Tulle-Yoke Short Dress (also seen here) | Photos by Vital Agibalow

  • ediot

    nice post

    congrats on your anniversary


    e d i o t

  • This is such a great post. It’s good to look back and be thankful for little things, and recall all the great things that have happened.


    • Thank you, Ellie! Yes, it is very important to appreciate all the best moments in your life. As my honey always says, stop and smell the roses! <3

  • Ive always wanted to learn to box. How you finding it?

    • Boxing is very fun but hard. Since my class is also a Boot Camp class, we work on all groups of muscles and also move a lot during the class. So you understand, the class starts from 10 minutes of jumping rope and three 1-minute planks. We also do a lot of pushups, squats, and burpees. In other words, the Boot Camp part of the class is pretty exhausting. But boxing itself is so fun! Some people say that it helps them to deal with bad emotions and stress, while others admit that they feel more confident that they can protect themselves if needed. For me, boxing is more about working on your reaction and jumping around the room while listening hip-hop. Anyway, if you want to try I definitely recommend boxing! In fact, I am even thinking about taking private lessons in addition to the group class.

  • You look gorgeous, love the dress. Congrats on your anniversary!

  • houseofivey

    Congratulation on all your accomplishment!! Great Ideas how you make lists of what you are grateful. I would definitely would try it too>