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Breaking the Labor Day Rules

When it comes to fashion, I’m opposed to any sort of rules dictated by either common wisdom or fashion influencers. In my book, the whole idea of expressing yourself through fashion is in experimenting with what works for you…

Europe Lookbook by StyleSprinter

Lookbook: What to Wear in Europe

As I’m writing this post, I’m feeling super excited as I’m planning my trip to Europe. My friend Nina is having a wedding in Spain and I was thinking to also visit the UK and Russia to justify the…


July Fourth Lookbook

Independence Day weekend is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skills of styling patriotic shades of red, white, and blue and make them your own. The trick to July Fourth look though is not to take the tricolor theme…


Style Sprinter Lookbook 2015

Another year has passed and it’s time to share my looks from 2015. Without doubt, my personal style has changed within the last year and I continue working on improving my styling skills. Thank you for following my style journey…


Style Sprinter Lookbook 2014

Today is my Birthday and I decided to share with you my 50 favorite looks of 2014. All these months of work would be impossible without my dear friend and photographer, Vital Agibalow. Click on the photo or the title if you…