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March Skincare Favorites

March Beauty Favorites

This month has been great in terms of discovering new beauty products. Whether it’s a brow product that I can’t get enough of or a cleansing oil that changed the way I remove makeup, there are so many new…

StyleSprinter - February Beauty Favorites

February Beauty Favorites

Even though February is the hectic month when New York Fashion Week happens, nevertheless this season I had a chance to test a lot of makeup and beauty products. As you will notice, I tested quite a few high-end…

Style Sprinter - January Beauty Favorites 2017

January Beauty Favorites

Well, after my massive Style Sprinter Beauty Awards 2016 I didn’t think that I have any more favorites left for this post. But when I started thinking about the products that I used while on vacation and when I…


November Favorites & Empties

I don’t know about you, but monthly favorites became the dearest posts to work on. I truly enjoy sharing all of the things I love with you guys and you seems to enjoy them too. This month, I decided…


October Beauty Favorites

It’s seems like you really enjoy reading my monthly favorites posts and here comes another portion of beauty reviews for you guys. You probably noticed that I skipped September favorites, but it’s all because I was busy at New York…


July Beauty Favorites

A lot of you guys have been asking me lately to start reviewing my monthly favorites on the blog—similar to what I’m doing on Snapchat—and I think it’s such a great idea! Lately, I’ve been testing so many great…