The End of Hair Shaming

CarLeo Salon  Sasha Belov Stylist

Recently Racked published an interesting post about hair shaming. The online publication claimed that hair stylists often blame their predecessors (in terms of cuts and coloring) for misconduct. I personally experienced such situations millions of times in my life, especially considering how long it took me to get back to my natural hair color from an orange red (late teens) to the blackest black (mid twenties).

To be honest, I was so disappointed with my last hair appointment at one of the ‘best’ (most expensive, for sure!) hair salons in the City that I postponed my next hair cut… for almost a year (I know, it’s crazy!). Luckily, my last week’s appointment at CarLeo Salon located in Midtown Manhattan was so incredibly satisfying that I regretted not finding this amazing salon earlier.

Hair Stylist Sasha Belov

My hair stylist Sasha Belov (yes, he is Russian!) is the person who you will not be afraid to trust with your hair. He is professional, confident, and doesn’t put down any of your former hair decisions. Moreover, he is a well-educated gentleman with a degree from a prestigious university. You probably have heard the saying that the best hairdressers are those that act like psychologists. Believe it or not, Sasha has a degree in Psychology! I am not sure whether it is his natural charisma or experience in therapy, but I felt self-confident after my relaxing hair styling session. Also, Sasha taught me some of his professional secrets that he learned from his years of experience working in Russia, Italy, and the U.S.

CarLeo Salon  Sasha Belov

#1: Don’t Overdo the Dry Shampoo  If you read my post about curls, you know that I’m a dry shampoo addict. Sasha recommended using dry shampoo as a backup plan, not as a day-to-day product. Instead, he recommended applying hair volumizers on damp and dry hair. I tried this new technique at the salon and it really worked!

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CarLeo Salon  Sasha Belov 3

#2: Blow-dry to Detangle  I always thought that letting my hair dry naturally is the best thing for me. As it turned out, that myth was probably the main reason why my hair is so difficult to brush. According to Sasha, straightening your hair regularly helps to close hair follicles and make it smoother. As a result, your hair becomes less prone to tangle.

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#3: Cut Your Hair Regularly  I was always afraid that my hair growing process would slow down the moment that I visited a hairdresser because those people always seem to cut too much. Of course, I’ve heard that concern a million times, but only Sasha could finally explain and convince me that it is a must-follow rule. I will try sticking to it for a while and keep you posted on how it changes my hair condition.

CarLeo Salon Midtown NYC

#4: Use Hair Masks Weekly  When I was dyeing my hair, I was treating my hair with masks regularly. Now, when my hair is almost completely natural (except the ombré highlights that camouflage my ex-black hair), I’m not as strict about that rule as I used to be. According to Sasha, when it comes to deep treatment, the same rules apply to both colored and natural hair. I promised to follow his recommendation and immediately included a hair mask into my haircare routine.

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CarLeo Salon New York

#5: Too Much Serum is Not Good  I was overindulging not only with dry shampoo, but also with hair oils and serums. Yes, those products work great, but only if used as recommended. I have to admit that perhaps I’ve been using too many oil-based products and thus my hair looked a bit too oily. I promise to get better though!

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CarLeo Salon NYC

Leaving CarLeo Salon, I felt like I had killed three (not two) birds with one stone. I scored an amazing hairstyle, had a great and relaxing time talking to Alex (that’s the best part!), and I experienced zero hair shaming. Indeed, I found a hair soulmate!

Next time you are in NYC, I highly recommend stopping by CarLeo Salon located at 22 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018.

Photos by Vital Agibalow. Disclaimer: This post is not a sponsored one, I just felt blessed to find the salon.