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If you are planning on heading East for the Fourth of July weekend, you are probably excited about all of the new restaurants and cafes opened in the Hamptons for the season. Me too! In fact, I’ve been sniffing around for almost a month so I can report about the new hot spots to book for dinner this Independence Day weekend. You might also want to check out this post on what to pack for your trip and how to get to the Hamptons. Also, if you are heading East don’t forget to download my the Hamptons Event Calendar 2016 that contains a curated list of the best parties and events in the Hamptons happening this summer. The party guide is separated by village which makes it easier for you to find your perfect event. Okay, have a great read and enjoy your trip to the Hamptons!

The Insider Guide to Southampton NY

Locals say that Soutampton overshadows all other villages in three categories: real estate, shopping, and superstars. That’s right: some of the most expensive beach houses and A-list celebrity mansions are located in this scenery village. If you are planning to stay for a weekend in the Hamptons, make sure your style game is on point—who wants to wear flip-flops if there is a chance to walk into Leonardo DiCaprio?

The best hotels to stay in the Hamptons

Capri Hotel (281 Country Road, 39A, Southampton | 631.504.6575)

This boutique hotel is perfect if you enjoy live music and partying at night and complete relaxation at the pool with an outdoor bar during the day.

places to visit in the Hamptons

Parish Art Museum (279 Montauk Highway, Water Mill | 631.283.2118)

This is the ultimate Hamptons community spot where you can find everything from beautifully curated art shows and benefit parties to community and children’s events.

Tate’s Bake Shop (43 North Sea Road, Southampton | 631.283.9830)

Visit the original store where American’s number one-rated chocolate chip cookie is coming from, according to Consumer Reports and Rachael Ray magazine.

Green Thumb Organic Farm (829 Montauk Highway, Water Mill | 631.726.1900)

This organic fruit and veggies stand is my favorite place to shop for fresh produce on the days when I’m planning on cooking a nutritious dish at home.


Manna Restaurant (670 Montauk Highway, Water Mill | 631.726.4444)

If you are looking for the ultimate gourmet hotspot, this is the place to go. Chef Marco Barrilla creates a multi-regional array of freshest farm-to-table style dishes.

Suki Zuki (688 Montauk Highway, Water Mill | 631.726.4600)

There are only a few sushi restaurants in the Hamptons so if you are craving the freshest seafood that’s the place to go.

Sant Ambroeus (30 Main Street, Southampton | 631.283.1233)

If you are enjoying the elegant decor and family atmosphere of Sant Ambroeus restaurant in the City, this location is worth exploring.

The best coffee places in the hamptons

Hampton Coffee Company (869 Montauk Highway, Water Mill | 631.726.2633)

I can’t remember the last time we drew back to the City without stopping at this ultimate coffee spot. As a side bonus, this takeout and dine-in spot offers a wide selection of fresh juices and baked goods.

The best stores to shop in the Hamptons

Bandier (44 Main Street, Southampton | 631.488.4304)

If you enjoy wearing stylish athleisure pieces, this place is for you. Since opening the doors in 2013, the store had been featured as one of the chicest shops in the Hamptons for its unique high-end workout gear and sneakers.

Kyle By Alen Too (5 Main Street, Southampton | 631.353.3174)

Looking for a party dress? This cozy boutique handles everything you need to create your bohemian chic or a party-ready #ootd.

Vineyard Vines (54 Hobs Lane, Southampton | 631.283.4602)

This is a great location to pick up essentials that you forgot to bring with you on the trip. A pair of shorts, a sun hat, or casual flip flips—anything you need to create a colorful preppy look.

Homenature (6 Main Street, Southampton | 631.287.6277)

This spacious furniture and interior design boutique host a wide range of one of a kind pieces that will add personality to any space! Not sure which vintage or artistic piece will work the best for your house? Set up a meeting with a designer team that will help you to make up your mind.

The best places to workout at in the Hamptons

Pure Barre (5 Windmill Lane, Suite 4, Southampton | 631.353.3064)

Explore your inner ballet dancer at the barre class that is designed to give you lean physiques through small, isometric movements that burn fat and sculpt muscles.

east hampton

This town will always be my favorite as that’s where Ben and I are spending our summers. East Hampton is less about partying and more about relaxing on the beach and shopping, but it doesn’t mean that there is nothing happening here. There are a lot of cultural events and celebrity appearances happening in the city, not to mention endless art openings and dining dates. A little insider tip for you: check out local Starbucks located next to the city’s best bookstores as is an unofficial ‘gossip spot’ where you can meet anyone from Cameron Diaz to your old New York City’s friend.


The Baker House 1650 (181 Main Street, East Hampton | 631.324.4081)

This beautiful hotel with a cozy garden features some of the best rustic decors in the Hamptons. Not to mention the famous Baker SPA where you can rejuvenate your body and mind while relaxing at the pool or soaking in a Jacuzzi.

c/o The Maidstone (207 Main Street, East Hampton | 631.324.5006)

This boutique hotel is adored by fashion lovers and art fanatics for its spectacular eclectic décor created in a ‘Scandinavian Cozy’ style. Enjoy a wide range of elegant treats in your room, such as organic coffee and chilled champagne or take a tour on one of the complimentary bikes.


Pollock Krasner House & Study Center (830 Springs Fireplace Road, East Hampton | 631.324.4929)

Everybody knows Jackson Pollock’s art, but not many people are aware that the artist spent a huge part of his life in East Hampton, where is moved in with his wife Lee Krasner in 1945. This house and studio museum are recognized as nation’s most important cultural spots, so if you are interested in art, definitely check them out.

Guild Hall (158 Main Street, East Hampton | 631.324.0806)

Without exaggeration, this complex is a main cultural center of the East Hampton village. Art exhibits, film screenings, theatrical performances, concerts – Guild Hall’s calendar is always busy so everyone can find a cultural event for their taste.

Book Hampton (41 Main Street, East Hampton | 631.324.4939)

This cozy bookstore hosts a lot of great (and free!) events such as a book signing by Gwyneth Paltrow and reading with Alec Baldwin. Check out store’s schedule and arrive ahead of time to secure your spot. Otherwise, stop by anytime to pick up the best books to read on the beach.

The best restaurants to eat in the Hamptons

Babette’s (66 Newtown Lane, East Hampton | 631.329.5377)

This is my absolute favorite place to eat in East Hampton. The restaurant features a lot of healthy and vegan options together with classic seafood dishes, which makes it a perfect match for “vegan meets non-vegan” kind of gathering.

Bostwicks Chowder House (277 Pantigo Road, East Hampton | 631.324.1111)

There is always a line to this restaurant and I totally understand why. This restaurant serves the best tacos I’ve ever tried in my life so definitely check it out!

Dreesen’s Donut Shop (33 Newtown Lane, East Hampton | 631.324.0465)

This tiny café is famous for its impressive selection of ice cream and freshly baked donuts. Expect a long line as it’s a major tourist attraction ever since the shop was featured on the “Chowdown Countdown” show.

The best coffee places in the hamptons

Juice Press (55 Main Street, East Hampton | 212.777.0034)

New York-based juice shop famous for its acai bowls, smoothies, and juices is opening a new location in the Hamptons! Expect long lines of healthy eating obsessed vacationers!

Starbucks (39 Main Street, East Hampton | 631.329.8645)

There are not many coffee options in East Hampton so many coffee junkies end up picking up their favorite beverage at this chain café or drive to a nearby Amagansett for home-style brewed coffee options.

The best stores to shop in the Hamptons

Zimmerman (27 Newtown Lane, East Hampton | 631.604.6291)

This bohemian chic shop is my absolute favorite! Definitely, stop by it if you are looking for a gorgeous lace dress or a pattern chiffon romper!

The Monogram Shop (7 Newtown Lane, East Hampton | 631.329.3379)

Looking for a preppy-style present or just can’t get enough of monogrammed accessories? Then check out this all time favorite shop of New York prepsters.

Calypso St. Barth (21 Newtown Lane, East Hampton | 631.329.0033)

Without jokes, I can spend hours in this boutique! They have a few options of everything: softest cotton cover-ups, trendy swimsuits, lots of jewelry and home décor options. It’s a shopaholic’s dream come true!

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Elie Tahari (1 Main Street, East Hampton | 631.329.8883)
This spacious and chic store is a perfect destination for finding your next office outfit or a new favorite versatile dress. I purchased some of my most beloved dresses (for instance, this red dress and this floral print dress) at this store.

Alice & Olivia (48 Main Street, East Hampton | 631.324.8604)

No matter which piece of clothing you forgot to bring with you to the Hamptons, you’ll find it here! From sophisticated off-the-shoulder dresses to trendy pom-pom sandals and fancy straw bags, Alice + Olivia got you covered!

Intermix (87 Main Street, East Hampton | 631.907.8025)

Stop by at this beautifully decorated store for some retail therapy! Pick up a pair of heeled sandals or an evening bag, invest in a designer dress, or just get a brightly toned top – the options are seemingly unlimited!

The best places to workout at in the Hamptons

Bermuda Bikes Plus (36 Gingerbread Lane, East Hampton | 631.324.6688)

The Hamptons is a perfect destination if you love cycling! Most of the roads are bikes-friendly, not to mention a typically slow traffic. This East Hamptons-based shop offers a wide selection of bikes for sale or rent, as well as repair services. Prices start from $50 per day for a hybrid bike and up to $75/day for a bike with trailer/tandem.

Soul Cycle (68 Newtown Lane, East Hampton | 631.324.6600)

Some people compare this elaborate cycling studio to religion, as people are getting hooked on how dramatically this cycling program transforms their bodies. If you are one of the Soul Cycle girls in the City, you might need to check out this gorgeous studio too, as consistency is the most important in any workout routine.

Tracy Anderson (30 Park Place, East Hampton | 631.604.6529)

If you want a celebrity-like body, you might need an advice from an expert in building Hollywood-worthy bodies. Observe how your body transforms with the help of famous the Tracy Anderson Method workouts!

The Insider Guide to Bridgehamton

If you are looking for authentic Long Island experience with all cozy mom-and-pop shops and cute little restaurants, that’s the place to go. This beautiful village is also known as a favorite spot for anyone who loves horse racing. From horse riding lessons to famous the Hampton Classic horse race, Bridgehampton established its reputation as of athletic center of the Hamptons. Oh yes, it’s also an center too as the Art Hamptons fair attracts hundreds of collectors and art lovers from across the globe.

The best hotels to stay in the Hamptons

Topping Rose House (1 Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor Turnpike, Bridgehampton | 631.537.0870)

This full-service boutique hotel is the essence of Hamptons’ elegant style. From beautifully designed rooms to Instagram-worthy food, staying at this hotel is an ultimate luxurious experience that you could expect from the Hamptons.

The Bridgehampton Inn (2266 Main Street, Bridgehampton | 631.537.3660)

This historic hotel is a perfect spot for an art lover who enjoys family-style places. Expect free chocolate and impressive pillow statues every night you spend there.

places to visit in the Hamptons

Art Hamptons (900 Lumber Lane, Bridgehampton | 800.563.7632)

No matter how busy you are, make sure to stop by at the Art Hamptons this summer! This international art fair brings together the best painting, photography, sculpture, and mixed-media art from the world’s most famous modern and contemporary art galleries. This year, the show is taking place from June 23rd to June 26th, with an opening night party that takes place on Thursday evening.

Channing Daughters Winery (1927 Scuttlehole Road, Bridgehampton | 631.537.7224)

Stop by at this Instagram-worthy vineyard and winery for a tasting of locally raised artisanal wine and don’t forget to pick up a few bottles for the house. Alternatively, book your monthly wine tasting class with one of the winemaking experts by checking out winery’s event listings.

Hampton Library (2478 Main Street, Bridgehampton | 631.537.0015)

This historic building is the calmest spot in the Hamptons where you can catch up on your emails, pick up a new book, or read your newspapers in a comfort of the air conditioned room and free Wi-Fi. In addition to classic library services, the library organizes ”Fridays at Five” meetings with famous writers that are so popular that you need to book your seat way in advance.

The best restaurants to eat in the Hamptons

Fresh Hamptons (203 Sag Harbor Tpk., Bridgehampton | 631.537.4700)

This is my absolute favorite place in the Hamptons as it features so many delicious plant-based dishes. Known as the “healthiest restaurant in Bridgehampton,” this place is a must-visit place for all foodies and vegans!

Pierre’s Bridgehampton (2468 Main St., Bridgehampton | 631.537.5110)

This is one of the most popular restaurants in the Hampton and I totally understand why. Made out of freshest local ingredients, Pierre’s Restaurant dishes are unique and so tasty. The best thing about this place this year is that the restaurant started serving organic juices and smoothies. There are not many options for vegans–mostly salads–but it’s still worth checking out if you love sipping a glass of local wine at a cozy outside setting.

Osteria Salina (108 Wainscott Stone Road, Wainscott | 631.527.5396)

I’ve been to this gourmet restaurant last year when they just relocated to an old Georgica location, and it was so damn good. The parking lot of Osteria Salina has been packed this weekend so I assume nothing has changed and it still serves delicious Italian food (check out my old review on Osteria Salina).

The best coffee places in the hamptons

Java Nation Coffee Rosters (112 Maple Lane, Bridgehampton | 631.725.0500)

Definitely, stop by at this gourmet coffee spot if you are looking for an organic alternative to boring Starbucks coffee. While the café serves anything from lattes to cappuccinos, their signature drink is a black coffee from Rwanda. By the way, if you are not drinking milk, they can prepare any drink for you using organic soy milk.

The best stores to shop in the Hamptons

Coastal Home (2442 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton | 631.613.6800)

This home goods boutique is my absolute favorite place to purchase candles and home décor items. Some of Coastal Home goodies are brand new, some are vintage—in any case, you’ll find some breathtaking accessories for your next home makeover.

Loaves and Fishes Cookshop (2266 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton | 631.537.6066)

This shop is a foodie and at-home entertainer’s dream come true! Tableware and china, pots and cooking utensils, knives and linens—everything you could possibly need to make your cooking experience enjoyable. If you ask me, I’d definitely recommend stopping by here to pick a gift for a friend inviting you to a house party!

T J Maxx (1527 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton | 631.537.1591)

There is absolutely nothing unique in this chain discount store, but it’s a great place to go when it’s raining and you have nothing else to do. Make sure to check out their handbag section—I scored my Botkier bag there at 50% off!

The best places to workout at in the Hamptons

Hamptons Hot Yoga (2415 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton | 631.537.9642)

If you practice Bikram or Hot Vinyasa yoga, that’s the place to visit while you are on vacation. Get sweaty and stretch in this cozy studio with one of the best yoga instructors in the Hamptons–my dear friend Sheeryn!

Physique 57 (264 Butter Lane, Bridgehampton | 631.537.5722)

I first heard about this studio in the book Primates of Park Avenue that explores the lives of wealthy Upper East Side mothers. The author claimed that her body dramatically changed after just eight workouts! Even though I never took Physique 57 class before, it’s definitely on my summer bucket list.

Exhale Bridgehampton (2415 Main Street, Bridgehampton, 212.249.3000)

This boutique fitness studio that originated from New York brings award-winning core fusion barre classes to the Hamptons. I’ve never visited this class in the Hamptons, but Exhale NYC is amazing!

The Insider Guide to Amagansett

From all the Hamptons villages, Amagansett is the most down to earth. It’s a little quieter and artistic, but there is still lots of entertainment options. If you are staying in Amagansett, make sure to stop by at The Stephen Talkhouse for a concert and grab some fresh produce at a farmer’s market.

The best hotels to stay in the Hamptons

434 on Main (434 Main Street, Amagansett | 631.604.5765)

This boutique B&B will feel like home! Located in a walking distance from the beach and all of the finest attractions, this dog-friendly hotel is a perfect location for these looking to relax and rejuvenate.

Inn at Windmill Lane (23 Windmill Lane, Amagansett | 631.267.8500)

Book this hotel if you are looking for ultimate relaxation and privacy. This inn is comprised of only seven suites and three cottages to make sure you feel secure and not being disturbed on your vacation.

places to visit in the Hamptons

The Stephen Talkhouse (161 Main Street, Amagansett | 631.267.3117)

If you enjoy live music, that’s the place to go! The Steven Talkhouse is always booked, as it’s known for hosting some of the most popular rock bands in America. I attended multiple concerts at this venue and these were always great!

Amagansett Farmer’s Market (367 Main Street, Amagansett | 631.267.3894)

There is a whole culture of farmer’s markets in the Hamptons that are happening every weekend (in fact, this topic deserves a separate post). If you are a newbie to this scene, start your research from this cozy outdoor fair where you can find anything from fresh local fruits and vegetables to yummy baked goods.

Amagansett Food Institute (367 Main St, Amagansett | 631.527.5688)

If you love learning about sustainable agriculture and eating you might enjoy attending one of the Amagansett Food Institute events. From food lab conferences to food fairs – this organization hosts some of the best events for concerned eaters.

The best restaurants to eat in the Hamptons

Meeting House (4 Amagansett Square, Amagansett | 631.267.2764)

We had a brunch in this beautifully decorated restaurant this Memorial Day weekend and it was phenomenal! Even though they have not that many coffee choices (it’s okay—Jack’s coffee is across the street), the salad and sweet potato fries are amazing!

La Fondita (74 Montauk Highway, Amagansett | 631.267.8800)

There is nothing fancy about this miniature Mexican café, but the food is worth the hype. Pick up some vegan tacos or burrito bowls—you’ll definitely enjoy La Fondita’s down-to-Earth vibe and the freshest Latin American dishes in the Hamptons!

Hamptons Chutney (6 Amagansett Square, Amagansett | 631.267.3131)

How about some Indian food while in the Hamptons? If you are craving some vegan, gluten-free crepes or, perhaps, a delicious soy chai, definitely stop by at this Indian chain restaurant for lunch or order in for your next house party.

The best coffee places in the hamptons

Jack’s Coffee (46 Montauk Highway, Amagansett | 631.267.5555)

This is my absolute favorite place for getting my daily cup of joe! The coffee shop sells all sorts of delicious artisanal coffee—including vegan milk options! In fact, visiting Jack’s is my favorite part of the day while I’m in the Hamptons! By the way, they also sell a wide range of organic and vegan snacks so definitely stop by here before heading to the beach!

The best stores to shop in the Hamptons
Love Adorned (156 Main Street, Amagansett | 631.267.7720)

Looking for souvenirs from the Hamptons? Then, this cozy store is for you. Jewelry, handcrafted soaps, artisanal cooking utensils, books – everything you need to always remember how you spent your summer in the Hamptons.

Tiina The Store (216 Main Street, Amagansett | 631.267.6200)

This boutique store combines all the favorite items of its owner, former fashion editor Tiina Laakkonen. Fashion, beauty, and home goods and other pieces handpicked for those who live and breathe fashion.

The best places to workout at in the Hamptons

Barry’s Bootcamp (199 Main Street, Amagansett | 631.267.3015)

If you enjoy kicking your butt even during vacations, this fitness spot is for you. Known for its intensive approach to muscle and strength building exercises, this fitness club is a perfect solution for results-driven fitness addicts.

city guide: sag harbor NY

If you are looking for an old-school Hampton scenery, this pretty village is the one to visit. From a classic The American Hotel to a new luxurious Baron’s Cove, Sag Harbor combines some of the best things that everyone loves about the Hamptons. Relaxing atmosphere and incredible views, classic American history sights and lots of incredible restaurants.

The best hotels to stay in the Hamptons

The American Hotel (49 Main Street, Sag Harbor | 631.725.3535)

This historic hotel is known for its affiliation with many famous writers and artists. Ever since Capitan William Freeman and a ferry boat owner Addison M. Youngs bought the building in 1876m the American Hotel (or “The American House”) became the center of cultural and literature life of the East-End. These days, it’s also a place where you can find the best dining and always perfect service.

Baron’s Cove (31 W Water Street, Sag Harbor | 844.227.6672)

This newly built hotel features the most luxurious vibe in the Hamptons. From harbor facing rooms to the exquisite salt water pool and tennis court, and on-site concierge—it’s simply impossible to beat all decadent features provided by Baron’s Cave to its residents!

places to visit in the Hamptons


Bay Street Theatre (1 Bay St, Sag Harbor | 631.725.9500)

Theatrical performances, comedy shows, meetings with celebrities – this community center hosts some of the most attended cultural events in the Hamptons. Make sure to book your tickets ahead of time as Bay Street Theatre events are very popular!

The best restaurants to eat in the Hamptons

LT Burger (62 Main Street, Sag Harbor | 631.899.4646)

If you are a meat eater, this classic American restaurant is a must-visit. Most of my friends who ever went to LT Burger keep reminding me to book our next dinner there!

The Beacon (8 West Water Street, Sag Harbor | 631.725.7088)

Looking for a combination of fresh food and amazing views? Then, The Beacon restaurant is the answer! The restaurant is famous for its fish dishes, but there are also options for those following a plant-based diet. Also, don’t forget to check out a dessert menu—it’s very impressive!

BuddhaBerry (125 Main Street, Sag Harbor | 631.808.3888)

If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to stop by at this tiny store where you can find everything from frozen yogurt, crepes, and bubble teas to smoothies and candy.

Sag Town (78 Main Street, Sag Harbor | 631.725.8696)

If you are looking for artisanal coffee that you can drink in a hip environment, that’s the place to go! Pick up your custom coffee and some freshly baked goods to start your morning on the best note possible!

The best stores to shop in the Hamptons

Bond No. 9 (45 Main Street, Sag Harbor | 631.725.7467)

If you are looking for a signature scent, definitely stop by at this gorgeous perfumery. As you might remember from my recent post about Bond No. 9, it allows you to customize not only the scent, but also a bottle design!

The Styleliner by Joey Wolffer (25 Madison St, Sag Harbor | 631.725.1436)

Guaranteed: the design of this one-of-a-kind boutique will blow your mind! Why? Because until recently the boutique was based in a converted Airstream trailer! This season, this boho chic concept launched a real store in Sag Harbor and I can’t wait to check it out!

Copious Row (27 Washington Street, Sag Harbor | 631.808.3600)

This elegant boutique offers a unique selection of hand picked items (women’s and men’s clothes and home accessories) from international designers.

The best places to workout at in the Hamptons

Yoga Shanti (32 Bridge Street, Sag Harbor | 631.725.6424)

If you are not a fan of hot yoga, check out this studio offering Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga classes led by world-renowned teachers Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee.

Norma Jean Pilates (52 Main Street, Sag Harbor | 631.808.3131)

Many celebrities swear by this low-impact form of exercise that helps to build a flexible, strong body. Book an appointment for a private, duet, or a semi-private class at a studio that uses a studio reformer machine. The studio also hosts two clubs that bring together running and dancing enthusiast.

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