The Wedding Guest Dress Dilemma

wedding guest dresses by asos 2016


It’s that time of the year again: my girl-friends are getting married and I have no idea what to wear to their weddings. Luckily, I’ve got to be a bridesmaid for one of the weddings so I already ordered a dress that has been selected for the occasion (isn’t it cute?).  However, I can’t make up my mind on what to wear to the rest of the weddings this summer. There are so many wonderful options available—I feel like I need them all!

Searching for my perfect wedding guest dress, I came to the conclusion that ideally this special occasion piece should follow a few important parameters:

ONE // It Can’t Be White or Black

It’s easy with the white one: you don’t want to look as a bride on someone else’s wedding. You’ll be surprised how many people from other weddings that I attended seem to disregard this important rule! Even if your dress is eggshell white or even cream, it’s still white for people that are less sophisticated in color descriptions than you are. Stay away from those and also disregard little black dresses. In my opinion, LBDs are more suitable for a cocktail party and not for a day dedicated to celebrating love.

TWO // It Might Be Lace

I’ve seen so many gorgeous lace dresses in pastel shades online! Those look romantic and so girly, not to mention that lace dresses are versatile so I can wear them again and again for many other occasions. While I love exploring the entire spectrum of choices, so far lace pieces are on my short wedding dresses list.

wedding guest - NASTYgal


THREE // It Must Be Sheer-Proof

The only potential problem with lace dresses is that sometimes those look like they are see-through. While I have nothing against exposing a bit of skin every here and there, such approach is not really appropriate on a wedding day. I’m looking into dresses that feature thick or not beige lining—that way they look a bit more conservative and wedding-friendly.

FOUR // It Better Not Have a Corset

If you remember a post about my prom dress disaster, you know that I would never recommend anyone to wear a corset dress for the event that lasts more than a few hours. Unless you are a corset-trained for months and months before, such hard construction dress gets very uncomfortable the moment you eat or drink something.

FIVE // It Should Be Affordable

I noticed that evening gowns have the shortest life span in my wardrobe. While I have nothing against spending money on a high-quality dress, realistically speaking I don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that I’ll be wearing just a few times. Saying so, I decided to set up a $350 budget for my wedding guest dress and stick to it. We’ll see how it goes!

wedding guest dresses for under $350


What are some of your tips when it comes to shopping for a wedding guest dress? Which stores do you recommend checking out? Any evening wear brands that you like the most?

  • Wow great selection, all perfect for weddings and covering all budgets. Gemma x

  • There are some really great options here. I totally want to be a wedding guest at some point but I haven’t reached the age where my friends are getting married yet.

    • Thank you for reading, Rosa! Well, trust me – it’s coming! I have three friends getting married this summer! Weddings are always like that – you have none for years, and then they are coming non-stop! (Expert tip: have a wedding gift fund ready at all times LOL)

  • Excellent tips! I agree if you r the guest you must not wear something white and black and must not look similar to brides gown! It’s petter to go for pretty florals in off the shoulder or something! Because if you opt for strapless… need to pull it up all the time and u won’t be comfy wearing it while you dance the night away! So yeah this is one of the top I suggest! 🙂 great post! Looking forward to read more like this!

    • I totally agree about the strapless dress – I did this mistake on my prom and it was so uncomfortable! However, I didn’t know about strapless bra at the time – with this new lingerie invention strapless dress feels much more comfy!

  • Lottie Moor

    I love the options you have chosen, even if some of them are white and black! I’ll be donning a beautiful blush coloured dress for a wedding later this year. I love pastels for weddings!

    Lottie xx

    • Yes, I couldn’t resist on including a few LBDs in this guide 😀

      I love blush for weddings too! In fact, I’ll be wearing one later this year too as I’m a bridesmaid and the bride selected it as one of the colors for her wedding.

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