Top 10 Coworker-Friendly Snacks

10-Healthy-Snacks-At-Your-DeskSnacking at your desk can be a double-edge sword: while you need to keep your appetite in control in between larger meals, people around might not appreciate your habit to constantly eat at your desk. Thus it is important to carefully choose small meals and make sure that they are not only healthy and delicious but also coworker-friendly. I usually eat two snacks a day: one around 11:00 am and another two-three hours after lunch. I like to have diversity in my diet and thus try to bring two different small meals in addition to lunch. In this post I collected my favorite snack ideas that I personally eat all the time.

#1: Baby carrots and Justin’s nut butter pack

Peanut butter is my favorite snack and I experience some problems with portioning this delicious small meal. I try to limit myself with one portion of peanut butter (two tablespoons) a day: either with my morning oatmeal in the morning or as a snack in the afternoon. If I do not eat nut butter for breakfast, I take a package of Justin’s nut butter and combine it with baby carrots.Peanut-Butter-Baby-Carrots-Snack

#2: Greek yogurt and granola

Milk products are good for desk snacking because they are healthy and conveniently pre-packaged. In order to avoid making a mess on your desk, mix your yogurt and granola in a plastic container in advance — a night before or in the morning. You can add some honey or agave syrup later on — these toppings do not taste good frozen and thus I prefer to keep them at room temperature.Plain-Yogurt-Granola-Snack

#3: Raw Almonds

I always have raw unsalted almonds in my office because these healthy protein bites are good for you and very delicious. Usually, I portion my almonds in advance just to make sure that the portions are not too big. Considering that one almond kernel contains about seven calories, you don’t want to eat more than 30 of them per snack.Raw-Almonds-Snack

#4: Banana

In my opinion, a banana is the nature’s most perfect snack. Bananas are delicious, full of potassium, require no pre-wash and contain just 105 calories per fruit. Sometimes I go creative and warm up my banana in a microwave for about 45 seconds and sparkle it with cinnamon. By doing so, I turn my fruit into a real (but still healthy) dessert. Warmed-up banana changes its consistency and not all people love it that way, but it is definitely worth trying at least once to figure out whether it works for you on not.Banana-Snack

#5: Cherry tomatoes and a hard-boiled egg

To make this snacking more convenient, I prep my hard-boiled egg at home: I peel it and cut in half and pack in a plastic container together with preliminary washes cherry tomatoes. By doing so, I can eat this healthy snack without a fork: egg “halves” are a perfect size bites as well as mini tomatoes. You may also want to add some hummus on your eggs or ketchup — I’ve heard that some people do not like how “raw” eggs taste. Make sure to avoid mayonnaise though: this high-calorie dressing turns your snack into a full meal — so stay away if you can.


 #6: Blueberries or raspberries

I am a fruit and berry lover, and blueberries are my favorite berries. I can eat the entire package in one shot and do not feel guilty about it. Blueberries are packed with vitamins C, E, riboflavin, niacin, and folate. Moreover, these berries are known to be an antioxidant that helps to prevent such diseases as cancer and heart disease. Personally, I always go for organic blueberries in order to avoid pesticides and maximize antioxidant benefits of these berries.Blueberries-Snack

#7: Raw cauliflower and hummus

Cauliflower is a regular vegetable on my table. Usually, I buy a large head of cauliflower and roast it with olive oil spray, onions, and diced garlic. However, recently I tried to eat raw cauliflower with hummus and I was very surprised how delicious this simple meal could be. Since then I regularly pack a couple of florets of cauliflower together with a tablespoon of organic hummus — and my healthy and coworkers-friendly snack is ready to go.Cauliflower-Hummus-Snack

#8: Watermelon

I do not snack on watermelon often but when I do it really makes my day. When it is cold outside, watermelon reminds me summer; when it is hot, it refreshes and hydrates me (watermelon is made up of 92% water). Moreover, watermelon is good for gym-addicts and athletes that experience muscle soreness: some people claim that watermelon helps to soothe sore muscles. I also enjoy the fact that delicious watermelon cubes are  low in calories.Watermelon-Snack

#9: Dried goji berries and raw pumpkin seeds

Believe it or not but goji berries contain the highest amount of protein than any fruit. They are also loaded with amino acids, vitamin C and minerals. Together with pumpkin seeds ( great source of zinc), dried goji berries and seeds constitute a great snack. I prefer to pack my goji berries and pumpkin seeds in small Z-Pack bags so I always know how much calories I consume.Goji-Berries-Pumpkin-Seeds-Snack

#10: Cottage cheese with cinnamon and/or agave syrup

This snack is good for you because cottage cheese is a great source of low-calorie protein that reduces your hunger and sugar cravings and provides energy. Combined with cinnamon or fruit, cottage cheese tastes as a real dessert and still does not compromise your waistline. I prefer to eat cottage cheese together with cinnamon and agave syrup. Sometimes I also go with a half-scoop of cookies and cream flavored protein powder — this combination of flavors really works for me.


  • Jessica

    these are AMAZING snack ideas! don’t you love how healthy snacks are always SO colorful!? 🙂