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Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads Oct 10

Those are the articles that I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

#1: Cute and absolutely free Halloween gift printables. Boo!

#2: Say what?  Italian jewelry artist Delfina Delettrez created a collection of nose engagement rings. Would you go for it, ladies?

#3: Ultimate guide: A Complete Taxonomy of Eyebrows.

#4: Do you have thousands of emails in your inbox? Check our those tips on how to clean up your Gmail inbox.

#5: I am planning to publish more makeup tutorials this year (are you excited?), but I need to purchase some photography supplies first. I really love makeup photos by Keiko Lynn and thinking to recreate her beauty photography set up at home.

#6: Recipe I am currently obsessing about, but haven’t tried it yet: Oatmeal Crunch Scones with Maple Glaze.

#7: Those Halloween-friendly cocktails look spooky and fun. Bookmark now and review prior to the holiday!

#8: If you are currently shopping for a Halloween costume, most of them are advertised as “sexy.” This post examines how those outfits look on real, non-model girls.

#9: People say that those house organizing tips are life-changing. Do you want to give it a try?

P.S.—Check out also my Ultimate Guide: Halloween Nail Art!