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This week I asked my Instagram followers what type of content they would like to see more on the blog. I received much more responses than I expected and this feedback really helped me to figure out what is important for the Style Sprinter community. Please add to the list if I missed something, but in my understanding there is a need more outfit tips (including affordable options), makeup tutorials, personal stories (for instance, how I learned English), interviews with interesting people, positive vibes posts in general, social media tricks, travel guides, as well as blogging and photography tips.

While I just received those results and started working on re-designing my editorial calendar, I was thinking it would be helpful to share some of the blogging tips by other authors that I found online. Since many credible organizations already published their annual social media and blogging reports, it would be a great way to start posting more blogging tips and tricks.

Without doubt, the most comprehensive report on the state of blogging industry in 2017 came from ConvertKit. Whether you are a professional blogger or a newbie, I highly recommend checking out this report as it provides you a better understanding of the industry in general.

If you are more into predictions, this post by AdWeek on what to expect from the influencer marketing in 2017 is a great read, especially if you are not sure whether you should be active on Snapchat or InstaStories.

Want some drama? Check out Fashionista’s controversial post on how big time bloggers are actually not converting well compared to smaller influencers.

When Forbes predicts that influencer marketing will explode in 2017, it really means something! Learn why big brands are so into collaborating with social media stars this year.

In case you don’t know yet, there are some new features Instagram recently introduced that makes bloggers’ lives so much better (like stickers and more than one text block per image).

I bet that the most googled search term regarding blogging would be, “How Can Bloggers Make Money?” and this post by The Independent Fashion Bloggers does a really good job explaining it.

Social media come and go, but your email list is yours forever. Read this post to learn how to grow your mailing list fast.

My girl Brittany wrote an amazing post for Zanita’s blog on how to maintain your blog if you are a perfectionist. It’s a must-read as this post provides some of the best planning tips I’ve read in 2016!

It’s about time to start thinking about your taxes and this issue might be a bit more complicated if you are working for yourself. Learn how to organize your tax if you are a blogger in this detailed post by iHeartOrganizing.

Finally, since photography is such essential part of blogging, definitely check out those tips on how to take bright and colorful photos in a gloomy weather.

  • Wildfire Charm

    Such amazing links! I’m going to be reading the influencer marketing tips and all about Instagram new features! Thanks for sharing x


  • such an amazing link up! i love these tips! xx toby come check out my blog would love to hear your input

  • KokosSecrets

    I would you to share some tips to get invited to fashion week

    • That’s such a great idea! I’ll make sure to write a post related to this topic within the next few weeks. Stay tuned! xoxo

      • KokosSecrets

        thank you =)