10 Reasons to Love New York

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Continuing my unplanned series about New York, I’d like to share a few observations on why I’m so much in love with this magnificent city.

ONE // The view! When people talk about skylines, what they really mean is Manhattan!

TWO // You can walk on every street filmed in Sex and The City and dream about getting it all… one day!

THREE // Brunch! The best Sunday activity ever!

FOUR // It’s the motherland of hip-hop. I grew up photocopying the only graffiti book at a Russian library and here in New York you can get a touch of real rap culture.

FIVE // It’s a city of immigrants, which means that you can learn about so many cultures without leaving the city!

SIX // Considering the above, you can taste as many different cuisines per day as you wish. Usually, you can spot at least three ethnic restaurants per block.

SEVEN // You don’t need to own a car. In fact, you don’t even need public transportation and just walk everywhere.

EIGHT //New York Fashion Week and all the fun and craziness associated with it.

NINE // You can get a cup of coffee at any corner. Literally!

TEN // …and finally: NYC never sleeps! There is always something fun to do!

Which city are you from? What do you like the most about living there?

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