10 Things About Stowe (Vermont)

10 Things About Stowe Vermont

This weekend Ben and I went to a SPA trip to Stowe, Vermont, where we spend some quality time with our friends, explored local restaurants and shops, and recuperated at the SPA. Well, there are actually much more things that I enjoyed at that trip. In this post, I share those discoveries.

#1: Maple latte. I’m an experienced coffee addict and usually it’s difficult to impress me coffee-wise, but a cup of fresh coffee with a bit of maple syrup is something very special. If you happened to be in Vermont, I highly recommend trying it!

Black Cap Coffee - Maple Latte

#2: Ayurvedic massage. SPA days are my favorite ways of indulging myself (even more important than shopping!), and I had a royal treat at Stoweflake SPA during my trip to Stowe. My masseuse Barb used all sort of organic oils (Tigress Healing Oil for aching areas and Mahanarayan Oil for the rest of the body) and I felt brand new at the end of the session (well, my neck pain didn’t go away, but the rest of my body felt refreshed).

Stoweflake SPA Vermont

#3: Rent-a-twinkle. Our friends Ben and Kelcey came to Stowe with their adorable twinkles Kaia and Zoe and we had tons of fun “high fiving” and playing with the twins. Look at that adorable photo of Zoe eating a rabbit’s ear. How cute she is!

Kaia Cute Twin

#4: Hibachi. It’s hard to believe but it was the first fire cooking show I have ever seen! I grew up in Russia where no Asian food was available so it was fun exploring something new. Also, my tofu hibachi at Sushi Yoshi was so delicious!

Sushi Yoshi Stowe Vermont

#5: The necklace. Our trip shouldn’t be about shopping, but I still scored a cute necklace at the local boutique. It is created out of three different types of beading that will look so cute with a nice dress!

Boutique Stowe Vermont

#6: Pancake heaven. I really love good pancakes and crepes, but rarely treat myself with those delicacy at home, so this trip to The Dutch Pancake Café was truly memorable (and yummy!).

The Dutch Pancake Café

#7: Cookie quotes. I prefer to think that I do not believe in fortune, but I am always excited when I get a good one. This time, we decided to combine our luck and came up with a fortune collection that you might see on the photo. Which one of those do you think was mine?

Fortune Cookies

#8: Midterms dedication. I was surprised with myself how dedicated I’m to studying. I needed to prepare for the midterm in the middle of my mini-vacation and I did it! There is no regrets about the missed fun since knowledge is power!

Quote Stowe

#9: Magazines love. I finally had a chance to catch up on my glossy magazines. I can’t explain enough how much I love going through the pile of glam reads and make my mental notes about trends and tricks.

Magazines Reading

#10: Driving. It’s sort of weird but I leave Manhattan only when we are going to vacation. Ben and I almost never drive since we don’t really need a car in the City, but a five-six hour drive to Vermont was actually fun (as a change)!

Driving to Stowe Vermont