10 Unexpected Gifts for Your Bestie

10 Unexpected Gifts for Bestie

Starbucks gift cards, makeup palettes, gloves… Your bestie will most likely receive those cliché gifts from her other friends and family. Why don’t you pick something completely different this year and choose an unexpected gift that she will really like? Let’s see, which items made into my top 10 gifts for your best friend list. Happy holiday shopping!

#1: Earth Women’s Root Wood Watch (comes in four colors) is a perfect gift for a friend who is all into eco-friendly materials and strongly committed to environmental responsibility. This stylish watch will not only serve as a perfect accessory, it’s also a great way to emphasize her support of sustainability and love of nature.

#2: Prada Candy Perfume is one of the fragrances that everybody loves so there is no room for a mistake. This perfume combines notes of caramel, musk, benzoin, and vanilla and can be characterized the best as a fragrance for a sensual yet carefree woman of any age.

#3: Clinique SculptWear Contouring Massage Cream Mask is one of those beauty items that you might not splurge on very often, but it does make a perfect present for someone who loves facial masks. This product is created for mature skin (collagen is  a major ingredient of this miracle product), but it will work for everyone who needs to instantly refresh their look. I use this mask a couple of times per week (I use it without Massaging Treatment Applicator) and I really felt the difference—my skin looks much more glowy and healthy.

#4: How to Win at Shopping by David Zyla is a collection of invaluable advice on how to find your personal style and score the best fashion deals in the stores and online. This book is a very easy read that brings a lot of value to every girl’s life, no matter how seriously she is taking fashion. Read my interview with David where he talks about this book and his career of Emmy award-winning stylist.

#5: Best B***s Necklace (c/o) is a cute gift for a friend who appreciate your sense of humor. It’s actually designed for three people, but I think it’s okay to wear two necklaces at a time too. There are two options available for this necklace set, gold or silver.

#6: Make Up For Ever Lashes N-404 (c/o) are my favorite everyday lushes. Those are not too long or dramatic, but they will definitely change everyone’s look for better. I love the design of its eyelashes glue bottle (it has an eyeliner-style applicator) which makes the process of applying lashes much easier. Also, the good thing about those lashes is that you can reapply them multiple times (I used mine at least ten times and they still look like brand new).

#7: VoluSpa Ambre Lumiere Candle is a very affordable candle (just $9) that nevertheless feels and smells very fancy. I tried those candles a couple of times and they burn very nicely so you can reuse a jar when the candle is gone. I can’t wait to try another candle by the brand, Apricot & Aprilia, which is more expensive ($57) but seems so amazing (the jar is black so it will create a perfect b&w duo with the white one that I already have).

#8: In Blue Handmade World Map Leather Journal (c/o) is a gorgeous handmade gift for a friend who loves traveling and/or luxurious stationery. This journal is customizable (think: engrave your best friend’s name or an inspirational quote with no extra charge!). It comes in three different sizes and colors (distressed gold, taupe, and brandy). I had an opportunity to test this journal out and it does feel very soft and luxurious. Without doubt, I would be very pleased to receive a gift like that!

#9: Physicians Formula Argan Oil is a great alternative to expensive Josie Maran Argan Oil. It smells delicious and really makes the difference to every girl’s hair. Some people use this oil on their skin too or add a few drops of it into their body lotion so this product can be a great multi-tasker for a friend who is a beauty-addict or just started exploring trendy beauty products.

#10: Naturally More Almond Butter is cute last-minute gift idea that will definitely be appreciated. I personally received such present once (it was a peanut butter jar though) and I was so incredibly happy about it! I am certain your friend will have fun with it too (of course, if she eats nut butter in general).