10 Ways to Feel Cozy

ThredUp Outfit Idea by StyleSprinter

Apt. 9 Cashmere Sweater (c/o; sold out for just $14.99 at thredUp) / Burberry Brit Pants (on sale)
Jay M. Doctor Bag / Romwe Structured Vest / Nursace Ankle Boots (similar)

With the weather changing for the cool, it is time for the cozy things to enjoy. Cashmere sweaters, delicious warm drinks, non-stop TV and movie marathons, candles… Today I am collaborating with thredUP to share with you top 10 ways on how you can feel even more cozy.

#1: Drink Up. Grab a cup of caramel or pumpkin flavored latte. Those holiday aromas will immediately put you in a holiday mood. Another cozy winter drink is hot chocolate spiced up with cinnamon. Mmm I’m feeling cozier just thinking about it!

thredUp sweater

This Apt. 9 Cashmere Sweater  is priced just $14.99 at thredUp

#2: Sweater Weather. Nothing feels better than wrapping yourself up in a soft cashmere sweater! I ordered mine at thredUP and I can’t be more happy. I’m wearing a plaid one with a vest and a ruby red one with skinny pants and those feel so comfy and cozy! By the way, even though those are designer sweaters, I paid just a fraction of a full price as I ordered them vintage. Check out their cozy sweaters selection as you might want to score some extra cozy items for your buck (FYI get 15% off with the code 523J4TR at checkout + free shipping on orders over $70).

thredup Kate Spade New York Cardigan

I am wearing Kate Spade New York Cardigan that was for sale at thredUp for just $52.49

#3: Macaroons. Make your day brighter by adding a colorful macaroon to your cozy drink splurge. I usually can’t stop on just one and buying an entire mini-box of macaroons for myself!

#4: Candles. I live in a big city which is sort of famous for its small apartments. Considering that, I prefer thinking of my flavored candles as of a modern day fire place. Hey, there is also fire involved and an instant feeling of warmth and coziness.

thredup box

#5: Blanket Scarf. When the weather becomes colder, reach out for your favorite blanket scarf. If could be a trendy plaid one or your old favorite monochrome, what matters is that it’s big and soft.

Cozy Blanket Scarf

#6: Snuggie Time. Ideally, go for a cashmere or non itchy wool blends. Affordable synthetic options (original Snuggie, anyone?) work too when you are looking to feel cozier and warmer while watching TV or reading a book.

#7: Anything Lush. Treat yourself with a bath bomb, body lotion, or anything else that speaks to you at the Lush store. I don’t know about you but I’m having a better mood when I’m at the Lush store. It’s just a kingdom of cozyiness.

diy gold pumpkins

#8: DIY Time. This year I picked a can of a golden spray paint and covered some pumpkins, pine cons, and acorns with it. Those little pieces of glittery produce make me feel so cozy and happy every time I’m looking at them!

Wallace Pullover Sweater by thredUp

Working on my DIY projects, I love wearing my cozy pullover by Wallace (c/o) that goes for just $15.49 at thredUp

#9: Cutie Time. Pass by a local pet store for a daily doze of cuteness or watch a cute cat videos on YouTube. A few time spent with a furry cutie  makes my heart sing and I am certain that you will feel much cozier too!

#10: Boyfriend Shirt. I love sneaking Ben’s clothes and wear it in the house. In fact, I’m doing it so often that Ben proposed to rename this post into “What to Borrow from your Boyfriend’s Closet to Feel More Cozy.” Yep, you guessed it right: the blue scarf you saw before was also from his wardrobe!


What are some of the things that make you feel cozy?

  • All of these are great ideas… they made me feel cozy just reading them haha. For me, just bundling up under a duvet and reading a good book is coziness! I love a good fluffy duvet.

  • GoFashiondeals

    great ideas! Love the first look so much! love pink!

  • Abby Castro

    I love this look, esp the first sweater 🙂

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane