16 Things That Will Make Your Kitchen So Much More Fun

kitchen supplies - 16 cute essentials

This past weekend I’ve been working on a few kitchen organization projects and figured that I need to spice up my collection of boring appliances and plain kitchen tools with some sweet yet functional pieces. I started my retail adventure on Sunday night and located 16 finds that I am planning on purchasing to revamp my cooking space. Check them out below and leave me a comment on which of those picks you like the most.

1: Dapper Bottle Stopper (just $2)

2: Eight-Compartment Acrylic Tea Box ($24.99)

3: Festive Floral Printed Oven Mitt ($15)

4: Fruit Pitcher ($30)

5: Raise a Glass Serving Tray ($60)

6: Trunks Full of Taste Shaker Set ($14.99)

7: Turtle Tea Infuser ($14)

8: Diamond Ice Cube Tray ($14)

9: ‘Wonder Woman’ Apron ($17.99)

10: ‘Sheep’ Dish Towels ($24)

11: Green Round Plate Storage Cases ($39.99)

12: Partitioned Copper Utensil Holder ($69.95)

13: Pom Pom Seagrass Basket ($118)

14: Adison Stackable Glass (on sale: 2 for $12)

15: Milk Bottle Measurement Cups ($24)

16: Raised Bloom Measuring Cups ($38)

P.S.—This weekend, I ordered those two pieces from Uncommon Goods: Slate Lazy Susan with Soapstone Chalk and Bicycle Tumblers. Also, three items from Amazon: Rack It Up Bookshelf Wall Rack (total of two, as I couldn’t find a shelf of a perfect size), Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale (I hope this scale will help me to achieve my fitness goals), and Marble Non-Stick Pastry Board (both for cooking and flatlay shoots).