3 Tips for a Digital Detox

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This Labor Day weekend, I took a few days off to completely disconnect from social media and rejuvenate my creative juices for the upcoming madness of New York Fashion Week and a full month of traveling after that. While I did write my regular 1000 words a day (it’s a habit that I developed in college — I never go a day without writing a page or so), I didn’t open my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

While a long-weekend is probably not enough to talk about a full digital detox experience, in my case it was more than enough to reconnect with reality and give me a much needed digital break. I was thinking that many of you might feel the same way about the digital space we live in so today I decided to share my thoughts on how to take much needed time off on a daily basis. Here come three ideas that I recently started implemented to introduce digital detox techniques in my everyday life.

#1: Find Your Zen Spot

Before I moved to Upper East Side, I used to be a bookworm. Not only I loved reading all the newest novels and memoirs, but spending time at the library or a bookstore was one of the most relaxing spots for me. There is something soothing in being surrounded by books of knowledge, where the lights are always a bit down and people are not talking loudly.

I’m still a big book lover, but when I moved to Upper East Side, Central Park became my new favorite zen space. During the warm season, my favorite daily digital detox routine is to walk with my puppy Lilusik to the pond and just sit there for a few moments and… just breathe! I can’t even tell you how refreshing and invigorating such breaks are! Saying so, I highly recommend finding a space where you feel your best self and go there often — to relax and disconnect from the digital world.

#2: Read a Chapter a Day

Reading physical books is something rare in our digital era, but developing a habit of reading things on paper is more beneficial than you might think. For me, it’s not really about wisdom that you could find on the pages of paper books, but about the idea of concentrating on just one thing at a time. Even though at one point of my life I was reading up to two books a week, nowadays I could barely concentrate on one chapter per day!

It’s crazy how the digital world changes how our brain works — and the solution that works personally for me is to ditch the technology and try to get back to my true pre-Internet self. It doesn’t really matter what type of book you are reading and at what point of your day. What’s important is that you find the time to mono-task and concentrate on something not related to the digital world.

#3: Watch a Movie (Yes, I’m for Real!)

I don’t know about you, but my brain is so accustomed to multitasking all day long, that simple activities like watching a movie could be an issue for me. Every time Ben and I are trying to watch a movie together, I end up doing chores around the house, checking my Instagram while watching a movie, paint my nails — basically, I never can just sit and watch a movie. I assume my watching movies at home dilemma is all about being afraid of not being productive. While sometimes you really NEED to be unproductive!

These days, we are trying to go to an actual movie theater at least a few times a month so I could really watch a movie instead of listening to it. Phones are not allowed in the movie theaters so I have nothing else to do than to actually sit in my chair for an hour or two and concentrate on the movie. You might say that movies are actually a part of the digital word, but in my case, it’s one of the solutions that help me to digitally detoxify myself.

* * * * *

I hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed reading about all the tricks that I use to disconnect from the digital world and embrace the reality. I look forward to learning about what digital detox means to you. Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments area below!

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