StyleSprinter 365 Masks Project 2018

New year, same resolutions! As many of you already know from my Instagram, I decided to re-start my 365 Masks Challenge, which means that I’ll be testing a mask a day for a period of one year and report on my discoveries along the way. Starting January 1, 2018, I share daily mask reviews on Insta Stories with occasional posts on Instagram. Since Stories disappear in 24 hours, I will also be posting a weekly report on the blog so you could keep track on which masks I tested and reviewed.

But before we begin, I’d love to encourage you to join the challenge too! All you have to do is to apply a mask and tag me @stylesprinter on Instagram or Stories and use the hashtag #365maskschallenge. Join me and other 365 Masks girls who already started their daily masking journey: Cat @catforsleyDésirée @stunnydesi_loves,  Eugenia @geniabemeSarah @sarahjeangirl, and @mybeautyjars.

StyleSprinter-365Masks Challenge Day 1

DAY 1 // Dermarche Labs Roloxin Lift Gold Mask

This sparkly anti-aging mask requires warming up before applying. Activate the sachet by squeezing for a few seconds and leave on for 5-7 minutes. The gold mask turns into a white powder when it’s activated. The results are immediate—smoother & brighter skin that is so essential on January 1st. If you a luxury skincare lover, it’s a perfect mask to start the year with!

StyleSprinter -365Masks Challenge Day 2

DAY 2 // Miss SPA Deep Therapy Gel Lip Mask

This lip mask did absolutely nothing to my lips. With exception of a weird tingling sensation, it didn’t make my lips softer or smoother. In fact, I felt like immediately applying a lip balm after using the mask.

StyleSprinter -365Masks Challenge Day 3

DAY 3 // Shea Moisture Clarifying Mud Mask

This gentle clarifying mask is a cousin of my all-time favorite Black African soap. The mask applies beautifully and doesn’t leave an unpleasant drying feeling that often happens with clay masks. It doesn’t tingle either! After just 10 minutes after application, my skin looked clean and clear. Considering its affordable price and a visible result it delivers, this is one of my favorite drugstore mask options for combo and acne-prone skin.

StyleSprinter -365Masks Challenge Day 4

DAY 4 // Rodial Pink Diamond Mask

This bio-cellulose mask firmly sits on my face and feels comfortable upon application. It comes in a slightly bigger size than your typical sheet masks which allows it to cover the around the nose area and even the hairline. I applied the mask for 20 minutes and I was impressed how illuminated and glowing my skin became right after removing it. The skin felt so soft and plump after using the mask that I believe it would make a great product before applying makeup for the important event.

StyleSprinter -365Masks Challenge Day 5

DAY 5 // Frudia Blueberry Hydrating Mask

There is nothing better than a good book and your favorite hydrating mask! Especially the mask smells like a blueberry smoothie! I already reviewed this mask on the blog and my opinion remains the same: it’s one of the best hydrating masks that I’ve ever tried. No wonder I never go on vacation without bringing one of those with me!

StyleSprinter -365Masks Challenge Day 6

DAY 6 // Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Mask

Those under eye bio-cellulose masks are challenging to apply because they are much thinner than your typical eye mask. But the hustle is totally worth it as the mask delivers what’s promised: de-puffed and smoothed out under eye area in just 30 minutes. Dragon’s Blood sounds creepy, but it really works!

StyleSprinter -365Masks Challenge Day 7

DAY 7 // Truist Skincare Lotion-Infused Moisturizing Gloves

While I love the idea of moisturizing hand gloves, this particular mask did not work out for me because of its scent. It was a bit too fragranced for my taste, so I couldn’t even wait for 15 minutes to take the mask off.

* * * * *

That was it with my roundup of the masks that I tried during the first week of the 365 Masks Challenge. I wonder which masks have you tried over the last week. Please feel free to share your reviews and recommendations in the comments.