5 Jewelry Styling Rules To Live By

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Being a Russian girl, I often encounter how cultural differences influence people’s tastes in fashion and the three-piece jewelry rule is one of such examples. Growing up abroad, I always heard that overdoing jewelry is a major fashion faux pas for women, while here in America this rule seems to be obsolete. American fashionistas are all about layering jewelry to the point where you no longer can count how many pieces a girl is actually wearing. Perhaps, I’m too Americanized now too as from a jewelry ascetic I termed into a jewelry hoarder so I actually do feel the need for getting my jewelry habits under control. Today I’m collaborating with Michael Hill to share with you some of the tips on how to style your jewelry pieces like a pro so you don’t over-bling your bling.

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Rule #1: Mind Your Metals

Your jewelry collection will be so much more versatile if you have at least a few pieces designed in the same finish. For instance, it’s much easier to mix and match a few rings at once if all of them are silver. Same goes for the stones: diamonds match beautifully with other diamond pieces, while it might be challenging to try combining gemstones of different colors in one look. For instance, my collection for jewelry mostly consists of rose gold and silver pieces so these are easy to match with each other.

Rule #2: Know When to Stop

Keep in mind that jewelry is just an accessory which goal is to emphasize the outfit and not switch attention from the look. I know, there is a common practice of wearing so-called “conversation starters,” a piece of statement jewelry that people could comment on to start a small talk. But don’t be fooled by this rule: statement pieces are great only when they are styled with the otherwise plain outfit. For instance, a statement necklace will work great accompanied by a business casual style dress. However, it would be too much to style the same necklace with a slogan print T-shirt and colorful pants, especially in a professional setting. In other words, know your boundaries and try not overdoing with bold accessories. Oftentimes less is more, especially when it comes to jewelry.

Michael Hill Stud Earrings with Cubic Zirconia in Sterling Silver

Rule #3: Watch and Co

When it comes to styling jewelry, consider a watch you are wearing as a part of the equation. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned Mind Your Metals rules, it’s important to ensure that your watch matches other jewelry pieces you are wearing. For instance, the silver bracelet by Michael Hill that I styled in this look perfectly matches the design of my watch as both accessories are made out of silver metal.

Rule #4: Minimalism for Any Occasion

I was always thinking that wearing jewelry is only appropriate for certain business and leisure occasions, but there is no such thing as beach day jewels. After experimenting with a few pieces from the Michael Hill collection, I figured that an elegant necklace with a charm is one of those “perfect for every occasion” piece that works even with a swimsuit. In fact, I love this silver cubic zirconia pendant so much that often times I don’t take it off for the entire day as it’s a truly versatile piece that is appropriate for any occasion.

Michael Hill Pendant with Cubic Zirconias in Sterling Silver

Rule #5: Frame Your Makeup

Another tip that I discovered is that jewelry helps to emphasize makeup you are wearing — which is crucial for beauty bloggers like myself. Since the majority of jewelry pieces are sparkly and reflect light, they actually help to emphasize the sparkle in your eyes and highlight your best features. My favorite piece of jewelry to match my makeup with is stud earrings: such accessories will match any outfit and help to emphasize your eyes, regardless the color theme you picked for your eye makeup.

* * * * *

These were my tips on how to style jewelry pieces in a way that you always look stylish and not overdo with accessories. I wonder if you are following any of these? What are some of the accessory theories that you’ve heard of before? Are there any principles that you follow yourself? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below!

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