5 Reasons to Love Fall


I hope you guys will agree that fall is one of the most beautiful seasons out there, with all seasonal leave changes, pumpkin-inspired drinks and decorations, and all the cute outfits that make us feel so cozy. With exception of rainy days that I’m not a fan of, fall is my absolute favorite season! Today I’m collaborating with 360 Cashmere to share my observations and reasoning why I’m loving it so much.


#1: Sweater Weather

If you ask me, there is nothing cozier in this world than wrapping yourself up in a soft, luxurious cashmere sweater. I have a huge collection of cashmere sweaters by 360 Cashmere and there is a good reason for that. I love the softness and warmth cashmere provides without the need for layering too many pieces of clothes. This luxurious, elegant material looks great on everyone and effortlessly adds a bit of tastefulness to any look—without compromising the coziness.

I feel especially connected to this gorgeous light blue sweater as it’s one of the lightest sweaters I have in my collection. You can barely feel it on your skin, but you know it’s there as you always feel warm. I love stretching the sleeves up a little bit so I can cover my fingertips with this elegant and chic sweater—for added feel of coziness on a chilly fall day.

As you probably know, I’m not a fan of wearing pants in general, but this season I found myself getting on top of the leggings and jeans game as I’m looking for any opportunity to wear my favorite cashmere sweater. I love the fact that my cozy sweater comes in a solid shade of light blue that allows me styling it not only with pants and leggings, but also with skirts, jumpsuits, and even dresses.


#2: Dogs Wearing Cute Outfits

Don’t you love when dog owners start dressing up their pets in fall outfits? I’m not talking only about Halloween costumes for dogs (which are adorable), but the everyday attire that keeps our furry friends warm in any weather. Personally, I simply can’t control myself when I see cute pups dressed up on the streets of New York. Needless to say, I’m also a fan of updating my puppy’s wardrobe with cute and cozy outfits—and my warmth-loving Lilu love them too!

Lilusik and I walk a lot in Central Park this fall and long trips require proper attire. Since my latest experiment when Lilu’s hair when she got a too short haircut, a warm cashmere sweater is mandatory for our afternoon rendezvous. Without it, she starts shaking immediately and tries to get on my lap so I could take her under my jacket. She looks so cute while doing it, but I really need my city dweller to get some exercise so a cozy sweater is a must-have in my Yorkie’s life this fall.

One of Liusik’s favorite sweaters this season is this chic “SuperModel” sweater by 360 Cashmere that you saw a million times already on my Insta Stories. She loves this warm and lightweight sweater so much that she asks me to put it on even in the house when the temperature goes a bit lower than a spoiled Yorkie’s preference.

You probably also know that people in our neighborhood know us as “Kat and the Dog” (that’s exactly what my buddies from the local Starbucks put on my soy latte every single morning!), but lately, they started asking how the “supermodel” is doing. Lilusik is such people pleaser—she loves the attention her sweater brings her.


#3: Scented Candles

My love for scented candles has not been limited to the fall season. I love having nicely scented candles throughout the year, but it’s only in the fall when I’m getting all the way on fall-inspired candles. Pumpkin, musk, cinnamon, rosewood, peppercorn, maple leaf, salt, and caramel—the choices are unlimited and I truly enjoy those fragranced candles experiments.

I love burning a candle early in the morning so I have an entire day of beautifully fragranced apartment or in the evening when I want to add a bit of relaxing scents in the air—like lavender and bergamot. Luckily, Ben enjoys my attachment to scented candles and we love finding new, inspiring fragrances together.


#4: Fireplaces and Snacks

We don’t have a fireplace in our apartment, so every time I see one somewhere, I take a full advantage of it. Whether I’m reading a book, simply warming up, or eating a snack next to the fireplace, it always brings me joy and instantly improves my mood. Even when it’s not chilly outside, I love warming up next to a fireplace as for me it’s one of the best things you can do in the fall.


#5: Tea Time All Day Long

I’m a tea drinker in general, but fall weather puts this habit of mine on a completely different level. From drinking my regular peppermint tea, I’m turning into a tea expert every single fall. I mix different types of tea together, add spices, try adding a vegan sweetener, explore new brands of teas that I’ve never tried. Some people believe that fall is designed for pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolate, but since I’m a proponent of healthy vegan drinks, I prefer a cup of warm tea—not only in the afternoon but throughout the day.

I hope you enjoyed my post and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on why you love fall. Please share your responses in the comments area below!

OUTFIT DETAILS: 360 Cashmere Dion Sweater (c/0; comes in 7 colors, including rose & grey!)
Zara Moto Jacket // AE Denim Pants // Rebecca Minkoff Booties // Cat Eye Sunnies




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  1. Shireen wrote:

    The main reason why I love Autumn is the fashion trends, warm comfort food and as you said, scented candles. It also helps that everything around us is changing colours, it’s beautiful!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    Posted 11.4.16 Reply
  2. Alley Girl wrote:

    You are such a beautiful girl. Jealous!!

    Posted 11.4.16 Reply
  3. Yes, Autumn is so gorgeous. Definitely my favorite season!

    Love all of these pictures. Your sweaters are lovely and you look so pretty with short hair :)

    xo, mikéla / simplydavelyn.com

    Posted 11.4.16 Reply
  4. I love tea during sweater weather too! There is this fabulous tea company called David’s Tea from Canada and they have a shop in my mall in Washington. I think you’d love it. Glitter & Gold is my favorite flavor of tea that I’ve tried and their travel mugs are amazing. I may do a post on them. You look lovely and make me want to go for a stroll. I’m so excited to be in Washington for Autumn/Winter because it’s the first time in a long time I get to have 4 seasons! (Also both look great in your sweaters!

    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
    • Me too! I’ve been to David’s Tea a few times and they have a great selection of teas! I believe my favorite one was peppermint.

      Yes, four seasons are great, but I would not mind if there was summer all year long as I don’t like cold weather at all!

      How it’s going in your new home? Do you like it so far?

      Posted 11.8.16 Reply
      • I really love living in Washington! I miss my friends, but I am much more at home here than I was in the desert of Nevada. I am very glad to be in a climate more like where I grew up. I love winter the cold and it never gets very warm here. So it’s a relief for me.

        Posted 11.8.16 Reply
  5. Yesss to sweater weather! I can’t get enough of cozy clothing & lots of layering


    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  6. You look so so beautiful! definitely some of the reasons I love fall :)


    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  7. Cristina wrote:

    Yes to all of those things! I love fall too: the beautiful colors, all things pumpkin and cozy knits are among my favorite things.


    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  8. All the reasons why I love fall ? loving your pink jacket!


    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  9. Follow My Gut wrote:

    Ahhhh your photos are so lovely. And your pup is just the cutest! You both have such lovely outfits with the blush jacket as my fave. Great job!!

    Danielle | FollowMyGut.com <3

    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
    • Awwww you are so sweet! Thank you so much!!!

      I got it at Zara and it’s faux leather but I agree that it looks pretty and expensive. Well, you never know what are the things you can find at Zara!

      Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment! xoxo

      Posted 11.8.16 Reply
  10. Beautiful images, I love Fall. My favourite thing used to be cuddling up by the fireplace… but I don’t have one anymore.


    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  11. Katya you look so gorgeous in these pastels!! Also #2 is my favorite :)
    Xx, K

    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  12. Nia wrote:

    Your pup is so cute! You’ve inspired me to get my pup a few new sweaters. Oh and I love your jacket x


    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  13. Chelsea W wrote:

    I’m a big tea drinker, so I definitely understand! It’s so nice to just snuggle up beside a fireplace with some herbal tea and read a book or watch a good movie! I’m hoping our weather starts cooling off more soon. Love your pictures–little Miss “Lilu” is such a cutie, as always. And so are you!

    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
    • Awwww you are so sweet, Chelsea! Little miss Lilu is saying ‘hi’ as she is sleeping in my scarf. Have a lovely day, dear! Enjoy the wonderful fall season! xoxo

      Posted 11.8.16 Reply
  14. Cattleya wrote:

    I love this post! These are definitely some of my reasons why I love fall. Your photos are always gorgeous and you look beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    x. Cattleya


    Posted 11.3.16 Reply