The 5 Unique Ice Cream Spots in New York City

Best Ice Cream Shops in New York City

Even though I’m not eating dairy for a few years now, I totally know what is up in the local ice cream business. In fact, I’m very much obsessed with the aesthetics of unique ice cream designs so this guide is predominantly a visual one. Just in case you want to stop by at the awesome ice cream place and take photos for your Insta!

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Taiyaki NYC (119 Baxter Street | 212.966.2882)

As you already know, I’m obsessed with all things unicorns and this Japanese ice cream spot that offers unicorn ice cream is something I’m totally obsessed with! Taiyaki is famous for its cute fish-shaped ice cream cones that you can fill in with yum cold goodness of your choice — and put uniquely cut sprinkles on top. Without a doubt, Taiyaki is the spot that any Instagram addict and unicorn fan must visit.

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Tipsy Scoop (217 East 26th Street | 917.388.2862)

As it comes from the name of the shop, Tipsy Scoop is famous for its alcohol-infused giant ice creams. Whiskey, Martini, bourbon — you can find all sorts of traditional ice cream flavors infused with different liquors. When checking out this spot, make sure to bring your ID as boozy ice cream is only available for people who are old enough to legally enjoy boozy desserts. Also, don’t forget to check out brand’s Instagram account where you can find all the cute delights shared with the hashtag #IceCreamWasted.

Milk & Cream Cereal Bar (159 Mott Street)

These guys are popular due to their unique concept of combining cereal with ice cream. I mean, who doesn’t like cereal? And who doesn’t like ice cream? In my humble opinion, eating breakfast for lunch and dinner is the most delicious way to live your life so why not trying combining your breakfast go-to meal with desserts? It’s a genius idea! While at the Milk & Cream, make sure to check out their Teddy Grahams topping which makes this cute-looking ice cream even more instagrammable.

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Ice & Vice (221 East Broadway | 646.678.3687)

Do you agree that the most annoying part about regular ice cream is that you could only get a scoop or two in your cone? Instagram-famous ice cream shop Ice & Vice that makes such rule obsolete. Do you want to have five different flavors in one cone? Sure, why not? Want to top it with an ice cream sandwich? They got it too! If you are kind of a person who is struggling with ice cream decision fatigue, definitely check this spot out — as here no one will be judging your super “extra” ice cream demands.

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream (2 Rivington Street | 212.209.7684)

If all the colorful ice cream options kind of freak you out, why not try some… black ice cream? Come on, if you are a New Yorker you are probably already wearing all black all day long so why not getting some desserts colored in NYC’s favorite shade? In case you wonder, this blackest black ice cream flavor is called Black Coconut Ash — and so many New Yorkers swear that this is the most decadent ice cream ever!

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That was it with my roundup of the unique ice cream places in New York City. I wonder if I missed any other cool places out there? If so, please let me know what, in your opinion, is the best and most unique ice cream in New York or any city you ever visited. Yummy photos in the comments are encouraged! Also, if you love desserts, make sure to check out my Guide: Best Macarons in New York City.

Best Ice Cream Shops in New York City


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