7 Hacks Every Blogger Should Know

7 hacks every blogger should know

Perhaps, every blogger has a set of little tricks that helps to improve productivity and make blogging process much more effective. Over the past few years I learned a few strategies that help me keep the blog flowing. Today I am sharing seven hacks that will hopefully make your blogging life easier.

ONE // How To Get More Facebook Likes

I found this social media trick at Darren Rowse’s blog and it’s a life changer!

1. Go to your Facebook Page.

2. Find a post that has 10+ likes.

3. Look for a link saying something like ‘and 15 others’ and click on it.

4. There will be a pop-up providing you with the list of people who already liked your page (‘Liked’) as well as those who didn’t (those will be listed as ‘Invite’).

5. Invite all the people who are not “liking” your page yet and you’ll dramatically increase your following!

TWO // How To ‘Steal’ Someone’s Blog Design

This one is easy: use WordPress Theme Detector website that allows you to figure out which WordPress theme template and plugins a blogger is using on her website. WordPress Theme Detector is very handy if you’re planning on updating some key features on your website or blog. All you have to do is just enter a selected URL and click “detect”.

THREE // How To Customize Your Instagram Font

Did you know that you could use different fonts in your Instagram bio? I recently changed mine (you can check it out here) by using a simple IG fonts website called Sprezz Keyboard. All you have to do is simply type the text you want and then copy and paste it into your bio. A new, cool font is a great way to stand out on this powerful social media platform!

FOUR // How to DIY a Photo Backdrop

I recently figured that Paper Source Wrapping Paper is a great alternative to photo backgrounds for your makeup shots. Honestly, I am so obsessed with their wrapping paper selection that I never leave the store with just one thing I came to purchase. All the thick non glossy deluxe papers such as this confetti table runner (think: larger scale shots), this marble fine paper, or this crinkled gold paper look so pretty!

FIVE // How To Resize Multiple Images

I used to spend a lot of time on cropping and resizing images for my blog prior to discovering Bulk Resize Photos. These days, I simply select images that I am planning on posting, upload them to this website, and download a .zip file of properly sized photos. This website saved me so much time!

SIX // How To Reduce Inbox Clutter

I Spring-cleaned my email using Unroll.me and I highly recommending you to do the same. It’s a free service that allows you to easily unsubscribe from all e-mails that you no longer want to receive. The best part about it is that the website saves those subscriptions that you opted out for. In other words, you can re-subscribe to emails that you accidentally unsubscribed from.

SEVEN // How To Simplify Your To-Do List

Recently, I explored a new app that helps me stay more productive. It’s called the IFTTT App and it allows me to simplify digital routines. One of the most useful automation ideas for me is connecting my iPhone’s Reminders list to my Google Drive in a way that all the tasks I add automatically transfer into a dedicated Google Drive spreadsheet. Having just one “To Do” list is proving to be extremely handy!