7 Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer

It’s not like there is something with the length of my legs in general, but being a petite girl I always look for the ideas on how to make my legs look longer. Well, maybe because the majority of the tips that claim to elongate your legs also happen to make you look taller on photos. Today I decided to share with you some of my tips on how to make your legs appear visually longer so you have “legs for days” comments all over your Insta!


Tip #1: Step It Up

I never thought that such comfortable to wear shoes as platforms could actually visually elongate your legs, but looking at these photos of me wearing ESxRD Collection platforms, I can’t understand why I haven’t tried it before. These shoes look so summery and fun, they are the most comfortable to wear, and they make my legs visually appear longer. Especially if you are a petite girl. Take, for instance, Russian blogger Mira Duma who brought the platform shoe game to the next level. Sometimes I feel that platforms are the only shoes she has in the collection — that’s how often she wears them. I have to admit that this trick really works for her, as this petite Russian blogger looks like she is having super long legs, no matter what outfits she pairs with her platform shoes.

Tip #2: Maximize Your Dress

Specifically, pick a maxi dress with a high waistline. That way, the long skirt will visually elongate your legs and create an illusion of smaller waist at the same time. As you see in these photos, this trick really works with this red maxi dress by Lovers + Friends. Not only it’s a high-waisted maxi dress, it also features a split that emphasizes, even more, the horizontal lines and makes your legs visually look longer.

Tip #3: Nude Heels

That’s an old one, but a really good one tip for making your legs look longer. All it takes is to find your perfect pair of nude sandals and you could wear dresses and skirts of any lengths and feel confident that your legs look longer than they are naturally are. My favorite website to find stylish and comfortable nude heels is Pour La Victoire. I already have a few sandals by the brand in my collection and I swear by them. Check them out! I’m certain you will fell in love with these shoe designs too!

Tip #4: High-Waisted Pants

Even though I always prefer pants to dresses and skirts, every time I’m looking for a new trousers or jeans I pick a high-waisted option as such cut makes your legs look longer. Another styling trick that I often use to make this effect even more intense is pair high-waisted pants with ankle-strap sandals so the ankle closure goes underneath pants and all you could see is the tiny line on top of your toes. Another option is to wear pointy-toe pumps that also help to create an illusion of longer legs.

Tip #5: Vertical Stripes

This next tip does not only help to elongate your legs, but also creates an illusion that you are taller and slimmer. Vertical stripes are great as these make your body visually appear longer which also means that your legs will look longer too. No wonder so many celebrities wear striped outfits on a regular basis! As you already learned from my previous post, stripes are the major trend for summer 2017 so why not trying this trend – so you could kill two birds with one stone?

Tip #6: Monochrome

Call me a New Yorker, but I’m a strong believer that all black outfits look great on everyone and also helps to visually elongate legs. Whether you are wearing a little black dress with matching tights or an all-black suit paired with a monochrome blouse, there is something incredibly flattering about all black outfits. And yes, in case you wonder, in my book it’s also appropriate to wear black in summer, even if it’s super hot outside. Why? I don’t really have the answer other than black color in clothes just always works!

Tip #7: Asymmetry

I didn’t realize that this trick actually works until I saw the photos of me wearing white lace dress in my July Fourth Lookbook post. The dress is your typical open back mini lace dress, with the only difference that the ruffle details on the waistline and the bottom of the skirt are located in an asymmetrical way. Such placement distracts the eye from your actual waistline and helps to visually elongate your legs. After this discovery, I decided to purchase a few more asymmetrical design dresses as these really make the difference for petite frame girls like me.

That was it for my tips on how to make your legs visually appear longer. The only thing I have to add is that you don’t need to combine all of these tips in one look. Try experimenting with different silhouettes from the items that you already have in your collection and take photos on how they look. Once you found the trick that really works for your body type, go all the way in with purchasing the same type of clothes in different colors. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with wearing the same type of outfits over and over again. If it works and looks awesome on you, why not turn it into your signature style?

I’m super excited to hear what you have to say about making your legs appear longer in photos? What are some of the styling tips that you use? Please share them in the comments area below!

OUTFIT DETAILS: ESxRD Copa Pink & White Platform Sandal
Lovers + Friends Havana Maxi Dress
 Pineapple Clutch // Mirror Sunglasses //Headband Worn as Belt

7 Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer


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  1. Shauna Walker wrote:

    I had no idea you can actually make your legs look longer. This actually is very interesting however I am 5’2′ so I don’t thnk longer legs on me would look right lol

    Posted 7.18.17 Reply
  2. Paulo Victor Makalinao wrote:

    As a young man, I could see myself employing some of these tips too! Of course not all of them, but nonetheless a lovely post. Fabulous red colors! Amazing blog and photos!
    Paulo Paradox | http://www.pauloparadox.com

    Posted 7.17.17 Reply
  3. Danielle wrote:

    These are some great tips. I’ve never really tried to make my legs look longer, but these tips make it seem easier than one would think.

    Posted 7.16.17 Reply
  4. Tamika Mapp wrote:

    Great tips! I’m going to try some of these this summer.

    Posted 7.16.17 Reply
  5. Callie Burnes wrote:

    Yes! Love it! ?

    Posted 7.16.17 Reply
  6. fashionistha wrote:

    Nice blog… you looking so beautiful. I love this red and the clutch.

    Posted 7.15.17 Reply
  7. Deborah wrote:

    Awesome tips. Ty?

    Posted 7.15.17 Reply
  8. Kathy Lane wrote:

    Great tips!

    Posted 7.14.17 Reply
  9. Kelsey Darezzo wrote:

    Thank you!! Lord knows my 5ft frame could use some longer looking legs ???

    Posted 7.14.17 Reply
    • Same story here, Kelsey! In my book, there is no such thing as legs that are too long so it’s always great to explore some of the tips that help to look just a bit taller and with slightly longer legs! ;)

      Posted 7.14.17 Reply
  10. Qeezy Kiu Law wrote:

    Thanks for your Tips Katya!! As a short girl i love it!

    Posted 7.14.17 Reply
  11. Jessica wrote:

    Great tips Katya! I actually incorporate some of these tips as well, especially since I am petite.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    Posted 7.13.17 Reply
    • Thank you, Jessica! Yep we, petite girls, still have a few options on how to look a bit taller. So glad you enjoyed my recommendations!

      Posted 7.14.17 Reply
  12. Stephanay Jnote wrote:

    I agree! As a short person, I am constantly either wearing really high heels or a long dress and it makes me look a lot taller than I am.

    Posted 7.13.17 Reply
  13. Your dress is so chic, I love the slit

    Posted 7.13.17 Reply
  14. Lisa Floro wrote:

    I love these tips, I’m 5″3 so I’m a lot shorter than most! and I always hate that I am the shortest among my friends, this is very helpful!

    Posted 7.13.17 Reply
    • I’m about 5″3 so I totally understand what you are talking about, Lisa! Luckily, there are a few tricks that help us, petite girls, to look taller! Thank you for reading! I really appreciate your feedback!

      Posted 7.14.17 Reply
  15. Marian wrote:

    As a short girl, I love these tips. Thanks for the advice!

    Posted 7.13.17 Reply
  16. Silvija Rimkiene wrote:

    Thanks for advices! love the shoes!


    Posted 7.13.17 Reply
  17. Tanvi wrote:

    I sure wish I had legs like yours. Great tips though. Love your hair too.

    ❥ tanvii.com

    Posted 7.13.17 Reply
  18. Christina Bruner Polovich wrote:

    These are great tips. My legs are already but hey…I can still lengthen them.

    Posted 7.12.17 Reply
  19. OMG I love your dress and shoes !!!
    http://www.oliviaponcelet.com <3

    Posted 7.12.17 Reply
  20. Louis Dupond wrote:
    Posted 7.12.17 Reply
  21. Kay (shoesandglitter) wrote:

    Some really fab tips here, hun! :) I tried the nude heels trick before and I was surprised with how well it worked, definitely makes a huge difference over wearing black heels! You look absolutely stunning in the photos btw, the dress is so gorgeous! xoxo


    Posted 7.12.17 Reply
    • Thank you for your sweet comment, Kay! Yep, nude heels is the best trick that works for everyone! I have a few of these in my wardrobe and they always work!

      Posted 7.13.17 Reply
  22. Dressed With Soul wrote:

    Thanks! Your tips are very good and your dress is fantastic!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    Posted 7.12.17 Reply
  23. Ray wrote:

    Love these tips. I actually do some of these.


    Posted 7.12.17 Reply
    • Really? Which ones you use?

      Do you know any additional tips that I might forgot to mention? Thanks in advance!

      Posted 7.13.17 Reply
      • Ray wrote:

        I too opt for platform shoes especially with espadrilles. One other thing I do is to never wear anything that stops right at my knees. It’s so unflattering for my petite frame.

        Posted 7.13.17 Reply