Most Efficient Airport Uniform You Need to Copy

Most Efficient Airport Uniform You Need to Copy RN

I haven’t written a travel post in a while. Not that I haven’t traveled lately, I just somehow managed to only feature my outfits from vacations or beauty guides where I feature some of the goodies I tried during my travels. This time around, I want to give you a practical guide on what exactly to wear when it comes to flying. I came out with this travel uniform formula after many years of flying — and it helps me to feel comfy and save some suitcase space while traveling.

Perhaps, the most important tip when it comes to dressing for a flight is to wear items that are the most space-consuming items (like a jacket that will take half of your suitcase) in your suitcase. But there are certain features you need to keep track on to ensure you are feeling comfortable while doing so.


Number one thing for me when it comes to traveling in comfort is to skip on a bra. That way, you can fully relax while seating at the gate or sleeping on your seat. Just wear a soft bralette or opt-in for a double-lined tank or camisole that will act like a 2-in-1 piece and keep you comfy throughout the flight.


Next in priority is a scarf. Lightweight enough to fit in your travel tote. Big enough to act as a pillow. My personal preference (nothing new here) is a cashmere scarf. I picked a square one in beige a few years ago and it’s been my travel companion ever since. If you don’t want to, don’t splurge on such scarf — affordable brands like Halogen or C by Bloomingdales offer good quality cashmere that you’ll not be heartbroken to lose if you forget it in commute.


If possible, go for city sneakers that are not too tight. Stan Smith by Adidas is a good choice or the ones by Tory Burch that I just purchased and fell in love with. By picking an easy white sneaker, you can easily take it off (without un-lacing) at the security check and seamlessly put them back on.

If you want to bring a pair of boots on your trip, wear them to the plane as opposed to packing. It will make your suitcase much lighter! My go-to is combat boots with laces. If your feet get swollen during the flight you can adjust your boots accordingly. These are not the faster type of shoe to unlace but you’ll be comfy not wearing heels at the airport.


A tote is another must-have for traveling. I used to love carrying a backpack for traveling but ended up getting a second wallet-style bag so I don’t have to take it off and put back on when looking for my passport, water, etc. A tote style bag is easy to put on top of your carry-on — with easy access to all the things you might need at the airport or on the plane. These days, I travel with my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM and also consider a one-department tote by Tory Burch as I want to have a similar bag in a darker shade.


A jacket or coat is also crucial. It’s important not to plan on wearing anything long as such length will be inconvenient while sitting. Not to mention, long trench coats and jackets get wrinkly too fast and we don’t need that untidy look while traveling. Personally, I go for a blazer as this classy piece will match the majority of the looks you are packing and save you in the afternoon when it’s getting colder.

Pick a blazer that contains a minimum of cotton (and absolutely no linen) as you don’t want it to get wrinkly. My classic double-breasted blazer by Club Monaco is mostly polyester which means I can use it as a pillow or throw it in my bag — and it will still require no ironing.


I also love to wear a cashmere sweater underneath my blazer. It usually gets very cold on the plane so having a warmer layering piece is a good idea. Pick a thin sweater though or an oversized blazer so it doesn’t take forever to put it on and take it off. For this trip, I wore my thin Vince cashmere sweater that was handy both during the flight and throughout the vacation.


Let’s talk about pants. I know that the majority of you would wear denim to the airport and I’m not an exception. What’s different about this flight though is that I finally found an oversized model of jeans by Alice and Olivia that are super comfy to wear. No more skinny fit jeans while traveling for me — these could get quite uncomfortable a few hours on board!


Finally (and it’s super important) get yourself a pair of black compression socks. That way, they will not get stained while walking through a metal detector and your feet will not get as swallowed.

* * * * *

To make these tips easier to remember I put together this handy collage. Save it to your Pinterest for the next time you are traveling. I hope these tips will make your traveling experience more comfortable and efficient.

Most Efficient Airport Uniform


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