Are Tevas Really Back?

Teva Original Universal Sandal

sandals // dress // hat // sunglasses

Do you know how it sometimes goes? You purchase your boyfriend a Birthday present and end up using it yourself? This floating swan is one of such examples. I’ve ordered it this year for Ben’s Birthday, but he never seemed to use it while Lilusik and I are hanging on it all the time. Believe it or not, but my brave Yorkie actually loves swimming on the swan! In fact, every time I’m about to have a glass of rose or read a book on it sometime in the afternoon when the sun is down, she literally barks at me asking to join. What can I say I have a unique puppy buddy! (Did I tell you that she also enjoys when I blow-dry her hair with a hair dryer? For real, it’s the most spoiled pet I’ve ever had!)

Yorkies aside, I really want to tell you about my new favorite summer shoes by Teva (those were kindly provided to me by the brand). Those open-toe shoes might not look as my typical style (I mean, what was the last time you saw me wearing flats on the blog?), but those shimmery sandals gained my respect as the best swimming shoes. You know how you are going to the beach and the bottom of your feet hurts from stepping on stones? Or, perhaps, you can recall the situation when the sand it so hot it literally burns your soles? Well, ever since I have my Tevas these summer problems are no longer relevant to me. I just put them on and I’m ready for any summer activity!

Supposedly, Teva sandals are getting it’s epic come back this season, after having a huge burst of popularity in the 1990s (I can’t remember that Tevas were popular in Russia where I grew up though). After a few celebrity shout outs during Coachella and top-notch collaborations with Opening Ceremony, Nasty GalJammyPack, Jhene AikoHan Kjobenhavn, Derek Lam, Woolrich, and Honestly WTF, Teva shoes are back and for a good reason. The athleisure trend is running in world’s capitals in a full swing and there is nothing better than to replace your typical sneakers with a pair of light and cool looking Teva sandals.

While you can definitely style your Teva sandals with all sorts of casual attire, my favorite way to wear this shoe is by pairing it with romantic, somewhat dressy clothes. Floral dress, straw hat, and casual sandals – here come my typical pool or beach day attire to wear in the Hamptons. (By the way, can you believe that I purchased this dress for just under $30?). If you are looking for a pair of comfy shoes for summer, definitely look into purchasing a pair of Tevas—pick any color you wish without thinking twice about whether those are matching your wardrobe color palette or not. Tevas are a statement in itself that only benefits if you pair this shoe with contrast looking clothes.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Forever 21 Tropical Floral Print Dress // Banana Republic Straw Hat
Karen Walker Sunglasses (c/o; rent those sunnies for free using the code STYLESPRINTER)
Teva Original Universal Iridescent Sandals in White (℅; also come in black and deep teal)

Teva Original Universal Sandal Teva Original Universal Sandal Teva Original Universal Sandal Teva Original Universal SandalTeva Original Universal Sandal Karen Walker Starburst SunglassesTeva Original Universal SandalTeva Original Universal Sandal

  • Megan

    I love those! Such a cute photoshoot!

  • Kacy Stephenson

    Tevas, yorkies, refreshments! Oh my! Love everything about this post

    • Awwww thank you so much, Kacy!!! If I had to pick, Yorkies are still my favs from the list! It’s a non-stop cuteness!

  • Super cute photos! I think those sandals look comfortable and perfect for summer lounging!
    Jeans and a Teacup

    • Thank you, Jessica! Yep, the comfort level of Tevas is incomparable to any shoe that I own (maybe, just sneakers). Thank you for stopping by! xoxo

  • Cattleya

    I’ve wanted one of those swans all summer, I’ve been seeing them everywhere! Your photos are so cute!

    x. Cattleya

    • Thank you, Cattleya! Yep, those swans are everywhere and I love them too! Have you seen flamingos or golden swan though? Those are so cute too!

  • Oh my goodness. That swan. I NEED. Love it!
    XO Amanda |

    • Yes! It’s so cool and affordable – check out Amazon. They have a Prime Day today – perhaps, you can find the swan on sale?

  • Mary Welby

    I don’t understand how these are back! lol. I remember wearing them years ago. I love that swan though.

    • I agree with you, Mary, that this trend is not for everyone. Hey, everyone has their own style – right? Yes, that swan is my absolute favorite! Have a lovely day! xoxo

  • Oh gosh, I’m not quite sure how I feel about these being back in style, but in white, you make them look chic

  • Rob Seibert

    Tevas (aka “Jerusalem Cruisers”) are great for guys with flat feet. I can’t wear those thong flip flops or slip ons that are currently popular, because the rear of them keeps slipping sideways causing my heels to strike the pavement. Flip flops are also a hazard for Uber & Lyft drivers to deal with, as they tend to slip off and make you fumble when trying to hit the brakes. Tevas original velcro strapped sandals keep my feet in place through all sorts of activities-plus they are great for hiking and running in both urban and rough terrain-I’ve never once stubbed a toe or gotten a blister, even when scrambling rocks or encountering tree roots. You do have to watch out for Jumping Cholla, however! Tevas have not quite made the comeback here in Arizona (where they were born, up in Flagstaff). I still have people here in Phoenix staring at me like I am the king of frump and out of touch with reality. I got into wearing Tevas back in the late ’90s, just when their popularity was waning. I think what finally killed Teva’s reputation was people wearing socks with them during the winter months…as this sock-with-sandal neo-hippie Birkenstock/Teva-wearing generation aged, it then became associated with frumpy middle-aged dad gear-(equivalent to those nude-colored velcro-strapped diabetic nursing home shoes). I’ve lived in 9 states now, faithfully wearing my Tevas; covering the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, and now the Southwest. I had to buy my latest pair from a Dick’s Sporting Goods in Lexington, Kentucky. They were the only store who still sold them-and they were kept hidden away in the stockroom “by request only”. I really hope Teva makes a huge comeback, because I’m tired of getting stared at for wearing them!