Artsy Thursday: Jazz at the Met

Jazz and Colors Met 2015

Gianfranco Ferre Jacket (similar) // Malvin Dress (similar) // Bloomingdale’s Cashmere Sweater
Botkier Satchel // Pakros Motorcycle Boots (similar) // Coach Sunglasses // Necklaces: One & Two

When I was just about to quit my day job, I was thinking that I would have so much extra time for museums, reading, and fitness. As it turned out, being a full-time blogger involves much more than just taking pictures in cute outfits. My schedule is more packed than it ever was (don’t forget that I’m also a full time student!), and unfortunately attending gallery and museum exhibitions has not been on my priority list for a while.

Luckily, last week Ben and I finally had time to visit one of our favorite places in New York, Metropolitan Museum, where some of the world famous jazzmen performed in a surrounding of world renowned artworks.

Jazz and Colors at the Met 2015

Picking an outfit for the event, I wanted to wear something feminine but edgy so I opted for a lace dress by Malvin (my younger sister gave it to me while I visited Minsk this winter) and mixed it up with a rock-n-roll jacket, boots, and necklaces (I chose to wear two at a time). I also carried my favorite Botkier satchel which is my to-go bag for situations when I need to carry a lot of stuff on me.

Jazz and Colors at the Met 2015

We listened to a couple of performers including one of Ben’s favorites, Kaki King, and our friend Eddy Khaimovich who was playing bass with Sam Newsome and Meg Okura. Also, we walked around and enjoyed some of the new exhibitions. To wrap up the evening, we stopped by a the local restaurant and enjoyed some vegetarian delights.

How about you guys? How often do you attend art exhibitions?

Jazz and Colors at the Met 2015