ASOS Party Dresses Guide: New Year’s Eve

ASOS Little Mistress Sequin Midi Dress 8

ASOS Little Mistress Sequin Midi Dress With Tulle Skirt (c/o)

In the second post in the Holiday Dresses series brought to you by ASOS I continue sharing my favorite picks from the ASOS Party Dresses selection. Be sure to check out my At Home Look featuring a little black lace dress. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the ASOS Party Dresses selection as they’re my absolute favorite dresses for winter holidays events.

As you remember from my Russian Winter Holiday Traditions post, New Year’s is the most important holiday of the year for people born and/or raised in former Soviet countries. Even though I’ve been living in New York for the last seven years, I still follow some Russian traditions, although some of them make no sense at all. For instance, I stick to the Russian tradition of wearing brand new clothing on New Year’s Eve. Shoes, handbag, underwear, and especially one’s dress should be crisp and just out of the store. Blame it on my Russian heritage or addiction to shopping, but I follow this little superstition every single year.

The brand new dress I’ll be wearing this year is a gorgeous tulle skirt sequin dress that I found at ASOS. This elegant airy dress will make any woman feel like a ballerina dancing through a life full of exciting adventures and experiences. A sequin decor on the top of the dress adds an edgy touch to the overall ultra feminine look. Wearing this festive dress, you will feel like a princess from children’s storybook sketches as the dress’s flattering silhouette creates the illusion that you have a super tiny waist.

Since the dress is a statement in itself, I decided to skip jewelry and opt for an effortless hairstyle. When it comes to accessories, I’ll be wearing those golden sandals and this matching clutch. By the way, make sure to also check out the rest of the holiday dress collection on ASOS’s website as there are many options to choose from. If you are looking for a similar look featuring a tulle skirt, you might also enjoy these cute dresses: burgundy, black, light blue, and cream.

ASOS Little Mistress Sequin Midi DressChandon Rose - New Year's 2015ASOS Little Mistress Sequin Midi DressLong Lashes Makeup IdeaASOS Little Mistress Sequin Midi DressASOS Little Mistress Sequin Midi DressASOS Little Mistress Sequin Midi Dress

ASOS Little Mistress Sequin Midi Dress With Tulle Skirt (c/o)