How to Get Flawless Skin with At Home Microdermabrasion

Silk N ReVit Prestige Review

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Silk’n.

A few years ago, when I just started researching all the med SPA procedures, I tried a microdermabrasion procedure and I couldn’t believe how dramatically my skin changed ever since. We are mostly talking about acne scars and skin discoloration that I’ve been dealing with all my life as I have very pale acne-prone skin. Microdermabrasion is quite expensive procedure though so every time I had to order it as addition to my regular facial, I was hesitant to add it every single time. You know how it goes with cosmetic procedures though: the effect is truly significant only if you are consistent with your treatments.

When I’ve heard that Silk’n launched an at-home microdermabrasion device called Silk’n ReVit Prestige, I was super excited to test it out. Hey, if I can save all that money by doing my microderm at home, I’m all about it! As it always goes with at-home beauty devices, I invited my besties Alissa and SJ to try the microderm with me.

Silk N ReVit Prestige Review

Since our get-together happened around holidays, we decided to put our PJs on and have a full-blown holiday party – of course, with a beauty twist to it. By the way, how cute is Lilu who is always joining the girls for all the fun!

In a nutshell, ReVit Prestige is an at-home microderm tool that improves the appearance of your skin on so many different levels. As I mentioned before, the concept of microdermabrasion is to exfoliate the dead skin cells. By doing so, you are encouraging the production of new cells, so the newly revealed skin looks younger, smoother, and clearer. In addition to all these benefits, ReVit also adds a benefit of vacuum massage which is great for improving blood circulation and creating bright and radiant appearance.

Silk N ReVit Prestige Review

Considering a reasonable price for the device ($149 minus 15% off as a holiday promotion, i.e. $126.65) I was surprised how many different attachments and controls the device has. Basically, you have a full electronic menu of treatments to pick: from manual to auto with any of the 4 tips to choose from (fine, regular, body, and massage).

Basically, you achieve similar results to what your cosmetologist has, but in the comfort of your own home! Not to mention save time as you don’t need to spend time booking and traveling your microderm appointment. Since the device is cordless, you can totally do your treatment by yourself while watching Netflix. Or, just like my besties and I did, make an entire beauty day out of it when you do your facials followed by a lovely sheet mask!

Silk N ReVit Prestige Review

Personally, I love combining my ReVit treatment with Face FX sessions. That way, I first clean my skin and deeply exfoliate it with the help of ReVit Prestige, and then add an additional glow to it with my Face FX light therapy device (by the way, the latest is also on sale for holidays). I feel that any of these devices is a great deal (especially with the holiday discount), not to mention a lovely holiday gift for anyone in your life who is into beauty procedures.

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I wonder what are your thoughts on at-home microderms? Do you know anyone in your life who would enjoy such a lovely Silk’n device for the holidays? If so, please let me know in the comments!

Silk N ReVit Prestige ReviewSilk N ReVit Prestige ReviewSilk N ReVit Prestige ReviewSilk N ReVit Prestige Review