Baggy Pants Are Here to Stay

How To Style Baggy Jeansoversized pants // cashmere sweater // headband

The skinny jeans domination is still in a full swing, but we already started seeing a new guy on a fashion horizon. Baggy pants and jeans that were so into in the 90s are making a major comeback. And as much as I love my skinnies, I’m actually excited!

For once, spacious pants are much more comfortable to wear. Let’s be real here: sometimes skinny jeans make me feel that the circulation in my legs has completely stopped. And how about the entire routine of putting the ultra-skinny jeans on? It reminds me more of an acrobatic trick than fashion.

In short, we can’t deny that baggier pants styles are comfier. You just throw them on at any weather and feel free in your movements. And if it’s too cold outside, no one even notices if you put a pair of warm leggings underneath it. Yep, feel free to use this trick as winter is coming… (thumbs up this post if you caught the cultural reference).

There is a trick with baggy pants though. If not worn correctly, these might visually add a few pounds to your frame or look a bit untidy. But no worries — that would never happen to us — as I have a few tips and tricks on how to style oversized jeans and pants for fall.

12 Pairs Of Baggy Pants To Try If You’re Totally Over Skinny Jeans

Loose Bottom – Tighter Top

This one is the easiest of the tricks. If you are wearing oversized pants, try styling it with a slimmer fitting top. For instance, get a thin crewneck sweater and tuck it into your baggy pants. Or, if you are wearing a loose t-shirt, tie it up on your waistline so you emphasize your proportions and not just bagginess of your pants.

Show Some Skin

Another cool new way to wear baggy pants or jeans is to combine them with a cardigan that you are wearing on a bare body. Bella Hadid does it all the time and she looks fabulous in such ensemble! Another idea is to style your oversized pants with a sheer blouse (or the one that features sheer details). It’s just another way to act on different textures: a delicate top looks even more delicate if styled with a more “heavy” baggy jeans style.

Add Some Heels

This trick works with any look and especially with baggy clothes. Add a pair of high heels to your baggy pants ensemble and your entire figure will look taller and slimmer. It works with pajamas style pants, it works with jeans, it works with pants — try it and you’ll love the elevated look your heels bring to such ensemble.

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Do you wear baggy jeans or pants or you are still skinny jeans all day kind of girl?



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